eBay Seller Update Autumn 2021

eBay Seller Update Autumn 2021

The eBay Seller Update Autumn 2021 is out today and there’s a lot to like and only a little to grumble about so let’s get the bad bit out of the way first. Yes, as you’ve probably guessed there will be more eBay Item Specific updates coming in 2022, but you’ll get notice of them around mid-October so have the whole of Q4, the Christmas break and some time in Q1 2022 to get to grips with them.

Now, onto the good stuff – We’re loving the Multi-user Account Access updates and there are updates to eBay Shops which you’ll appreciate if you want to use the new features. There are also enhancements to eBay Coded Coupons making them even easier to use and send in bulk to groups of users rather than individually one by one.

eBay Promoted Listings Advanced is coming to the UK, sitting along side the current iteration of eBay Promoted Listings. It’s a pay per click (PPC) model (rather than pay for acquisition, i.e. only pay if you get a sale). That will be scary for some, but for others it’s a massive opportunity to bid on related keywords to get your products in front of buyers right at the moment they are ready to purchase. It’s going to be a steep learning curve for many, but if you’re accustomed to running PPC campaigns on Internet search engines you’ll be familiar with how this is going to work.

You’ll also find that the eBay Seller Update Autumn 2021 is gifting better Research & Performance Tools, both to help you optimise your listings and for research to discover what’s going to sell, sell well, and at what price to give you guidance on sourcing stock that you know is going to hit the spot.

As well as the UK eBay Seller Update Autumn 2021 (which you’ll find on eBay here), there are also changes being announced around the world on eBay International sites today and you’ll find those updates here.

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Will Ebay accept clicks as payment for their fees?????? At least with the now "standard" scheme you only pay when you sell, which is as it should be. This will only fly is enough sellers are desperate enough to pay for thin air.

andy • 8th September 2021 •

Andy, I haven't decided whether I'll use the PPC feature, but it's no different from any other PPC campaign and they've been around for a LOT of years; they didn't begin with eBay. eBay has been asking sellers for some time now whether they'd be interested in a PPC program, and more than a few expressed interest. No one is being forced to use it, but the more tools one has in his chest, the better he can truly make his business his own. Not every tool is for every seller. I know several sellers who absolutely HATE best offer and if they had their way, they'd eliminate it entirely. Others, like myself, love using best offer under certain circumstances and would fight tooth and nail to keep it. We all have different needs, and whether I decide to use it or not, I'm happy I have the PPC option available. Just sayin'.

Susan • 10th September 2021 •