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eBay recently launched the Star Plan for Chinese sellers, a sales model with six major support measures to assist in promoting new products and quickly open up sales in overseas markets.

The demand of overseas consumers for high-quality products and branded products is rapidly increasing. Shops and branding have become the future development direction of cross-border ecommerce, and brand management, refined operations and innovative sales models are inseparable. In this context, eBay’s “Star Project” came into being. It launched a new product pre-sale model for sellers who are deeply involved in vertical categories, have their own brands, and have independent R&D and design capabilities.

Sellers can launch new products through the eBay platform, effectively providing new products Sales start to warm up, attract consumers, lock up traffic in advance, quickly open the sales of new products in overseas markets, and increase brand awareness. The “Star Plan” allows sellers to obtain a maximum 30-day pre-sale period for new products, and give full play to eBay’s resource advantages in the field of cross-border e-commerce, through a series of closed-loop services such as official store brand logos, brand product catalogs, and accurate delivery of coupons.

“eBay is the first choice for brand sellers to go overseas. The’Star Plan’ can well meet the sellers’ demand for first launching new products on eBay. Through pre-sales, we can firmly grasp the new products. The first-mover advantage of the launch makes the supply chain more stable, the product life cycle longer, and the profit more stable. I believe that the launch of the “Star Plan” can build a mutually beneficial win-win model with sellers, promote new products to the sea, and let more Chinese brands Leading the development of cross-border ecommerce in the next decade.”
– Huang Jincheng, regional general manager, cross-border trade division, eBay China

Smart home brand Pusangnick participated in the internal test of eBay’s Star Plan. In the first 25 days in the European market, their new handheld vacuum cleaner sales were equal to the 95-day sales record of similar new products in the previous year, and the sales speed has increased by nearly threefold.

“Thank you very much for eBay for inviting us to participate in the Star Plan internal test. We started the “acceleration mode” as soon as this product was launched. This allowed us to have sufficient time according to the market during the pre-sale period. Feedback on optimising products and content has also greatly improved our capital utilisation rate! What surprised us more is that the pre-sale model has driven stores to obtain off-site traffic, improved our brand’s exposure in overseas markets, and gave us the confidence to quickly verify products and create explosive models that meet consumer needs.”
– Zhao Chuantao, general manager, Pursangnick

eBay Star Plan Features

The eBay Star Plan has six major support featuress, through a series of closed-loop services to support sellers in the whole process of new listings, and detonate new product sales.

  • Official store brand identity
  • For high-quality brand sellers participating in eBay’s “Star Program”, the prominent position of the store will indicate “official flagship store” or “official authorized store” to help brands and products be more recognizable and improve store credibility .

  • Branded product catalogue
  • Star Plan establishes an exclusive product catalogue for sellers and applies for pre-sale project products to be added to the eBay standard product library. Joining the eBay standard product library will increase product exposure. Through buyer ratings and reviews, we will continue to accumulate user reputation and product feedback, increase product reputation and improve search conversion rates.

  • Accurate delivery of coupons
  • Use eBay big data to help sellers formulate coupon delivery strategies, and reserve an accurate traffic pool for new product pre-sales in advance.

  • Promoted Listing Advanced
  • eBay’s new pay-per-click advertising marketing tool gives pre-sale sellers the opportunity to actively obtain the number one ad spot on eBay’s search results page through bidding, and obtain precision through keyword placement Traffic, increase product search exposure and the number of visitors to the account.

  • Off-site promotion
  • For brand-based sellers marketing new products off-site, from data analysis and traffic monitoring tools to give sellers timely effect analysis, channel analysis, clicks and conversion data analysis, which can help sellers adjust channel delivery strategies in a timely manner.

  • The exclusive support of the account manager team
  • The exclusive account manager team assists sellers in category analysis, product selection positioning, market research, customer group analysis, etc., and assists sellers in launching new products more efficiently, as well as supporting marketing strategies.

6 Responses

  1. Nice that Tamebay, can writes about “stella” programmes for Chinese sellers, how about Ebay are lunching these bells and whistles programs that will benefit a few Chinese sellers, but doesn’t write word about ebay managed payment pointing out that they has massive put up the cost of selling on the Ebay, for goods priced under £10, which is probably the vast majority of items sold on Ebay, how seller have seen fee’s rise from about 15% over 20%, whilst Amazon charges 8% to sell the same item for under £10 all in??? When did Tamebay just become a corporate mouthpiece for Ebay , rather than actually writing a proper articles about how their changes have actually affected huge amounts of sellers, how Ebay’s short-termism and short-sightedness continues to drive Ebay in the ground.????

  2. The problem with these so-called brands is obvious.

    Just go on Amazon and search for something. It’s more prevalent in certain categories, but try this one out “York Fitness Weight Training Gloves” That’s how the actual item is listed on there, so shouldn’t be many results…

    …err, where are they? Oh yes, scroll down about a laptop screen and there they are, surrounded by names you’ve never heard of, liked Boiledeg, Huali, Simari, Atercel. How do they come up with these “brand” names? Pick scrabble letters at random and see what they spell out?

    Amazon and ebay might be laughing for now, as their fulfillment centres fill with multiple identical lines from multiple identical companies, but the result for the buyer is a poor experience. How long before buyers get into new habits? Why would they keep searching for items when Amazon and ebay are busy pushing other stuff at them?

  3. Depressing .

    If you search my category it is already filled with Chinese sellers.Many of them with several different user names selling exactly the same product ,totally ruining any competition.

    I guess Ebay are no longer wanting to an `Amazon ` are try to be the new Wish .

  4. When is the UK star seller program launching? I suppose it’s not and all we have to look forward to is the inevitable swamping of all major categories by Chinese sellers. As if that wasn’t happening already- it looks like eBay are prepared to heavily tilt the balance even further in their favour. Wow, such contempt for home grown business.


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