FBA Heavy and Bulky Spain launched with 120kg allowance

FBA Heavy and Bulky Spain launched with 120kg allowance

FBA Heavy and Bulky Spain has arrived. This now means that the service is available in all five major European Amazon marketplaces (UK, DE, FR, IT, and ES).

You are now able to ship heavy and bulky products that weigh up to 120kg to fulfilment centres in Spain. Amazon have increased the maximum weight limit in Spain from 40 kg to 120 kg, allowing you to ship heavier selection to both the PESA and BCN3 and Amazon fulfilment centres in Spain.

FBA Heavy and Bulky Spain allows you to use Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA) as a solution for the storage, delivery, returns and customer service of your heavy and bulky products in the country that meet the eligibility criteria. With a 120kg allowance this opens up the service to almost any domestic product you can think of and quite a few industrial products as well.

The FBA Heavy and Bulky services puts the onus on Amazon to fulfil domestic customer orders on single-box, eligible products, and enables them to start offering enhanced delivery options to your customers. Participating products will offer ‘Scheduled delivery’ and ‘Room of Choice delivery’ services where available. In addition to notifying customers about their products being fulfilled by Amazon, customers will be informed about the available delivery services through Detail page messages.

You can find more information about the delivery of heavy and bulky products on Amazon for the UK, DE, FR, https://www.amazon.it/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=G4QMD799U78SF57R&language=en_GB&ref=ag_home_cont_GGJQ48RGF5MNP4R8, and for ES.

If you want to expand your portfolio with products that are heavier than 40 kg, get started to be among the first to reach millions of customers in Spain through FBA Heavy and Bulky. Before making an inbound request, ensure your products are correctly prepared and labelled.

NB some FBA services (such as Pan-European FBA and the European Fulfilment Network) are currently unavailable for FBA Heavy and Bulky.

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