Lead Generation and Customer Acquisition on Facebook Apps

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Lead Generation and Customer Acquisition

Selling is all about lead generation and customer acquisition, and that’s what Facebook are now working on both in Messenger and on Instagram.

Quote Request on Messenger

Messenger quote request is currently being testing with select advertisers. Quote request allows businesses to select 4-5 questions to ask consumers prior to starting a conversation. Consumers are then able to easily and quickly request a quote from a business on Facebook by completing a short questionnaire on Messenger.

If you hate wasting time pre-qualifying customers then you’ll love this feature as you’ll have the key information you need at hand rather than having to go back and forth with messages, waiting for replies, before you can let the customer know if you can assist them and what it’s going to cost.

Forget the “Can you do me a cake?” message – How about knowing it’s for a Child’s Birthday, they want a sponge cake with a specific design that you offer and what the customer really really wants to know is if you can deliver by Saturday? That’s the power of a pre-qualifying quote request and enables you to give a yes/no and hopefully take the order on your first reply rather than start of a longer conversation.

Lead Generation on Instagram

Facebook also plan to begin testing paid and organic tools to help small businesses find and qualify leads directly within the Instagram app. Advertisers use lead generation ads to connect with customers and connect leads in a more personal way, while reducing costs — like Seoul Spa, a Vietnamese beauty clinic, did with their Messenger campaign, lowering their cost per lead by 72%.

Instagram is really starting to come into it’s own and where it was once a place to share photos it’s rapidly turning into a fully fledged business marketing tool. If you want to read a story of real retail success on Instagram, Public Desire were one of the first retailers to turn it into their primary lead generation channel and their story is not only amazing, but also a case study in how to sell on Instagram.


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