Oxfam Second Hand September campaign supported by eBay

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In a bid to inspire the nation to keep fashion items in circulation and in support of Oxfam’s Second Hand September campaign, eBay reveals the sustainably savvy shopping habits of the pandemic are here to stay with 28 million pre-loved fashion items given a new home so far this year.

If you’ve not heard of Second Hand September it’s a pledge that for 30 days or more you will only buy second hand clothes online or in your local Oxfam shop…. And don’t forget to donate your pre-loved items!

Saving 17,771 tonnes, the equivalent weight of 1,404 double decker buses of fashion items going to landfill, eBay is encouraging consumers to continue buying and selling second-hand items to help the nation tackle the whopping 336,000 tonnes of clothing sent to landfill every year in the UK.

While some might say (and she agrees) she’s fortunate enough to have a wardrobe stuffed with enough clothes to last a life time, Dragon’s Den, but she pledged to go a year without buying any new clothes and as the pandemic hit and it didn’t really hurt her she’s doing it again. However, it might surprise you to learn that she isn’t averse to shopping in Oxfam having bought jewellery and a coat on her last visit…. before her pledge not to buy clothes for a year.

The world is changing, repurposed clothes are becoming mainstream as is awareness of the environment and that’s what Second Hand September is all about:

  • So far in 2021, 87 million pre-loved items went to a new home, almost a quarter of which were pre-loved fashion items
  • Over four second-hand items sold every second so far in 2021
  • Sales of pre-loved items are up 29% since 2018 suggesting a more permanent shift towards thrift as the pandemic drives more conscious shopping behaviours
  • During lockdown of 2021, there were 32% more secondhand sales as Brits looked to declutter and make some extra cash

“It’s fantastic to see conscious shopping getting more mainstream and sustainable purchasing habits stretching beyond the pandemic, proving that pre-loved is more than just a trend. With the market for second hand sales continuing to grow, this year we’ve managed to save even more items from landfill by finding them new homes and extending their lifecycle.

This Oxfam’s Second Hand September, we’re encouraging consumers to clear out their cupboards and sell for charity by matching donations. With the new season upon us there’s no better time to clear out those cupboards, help your items find a new home, making a little money and all while supporting an amazing cause.”
– Emma Grant, UK Head of Preloved, eBay

Oxfam’s Second Hand September is encouraging the nation to buy and sell only second-hand for 30 days or more to stop clothes from going to landfill. This year, to share the pre-loved love, eBay UK has announced that it will match all items sold for Oxfam on the marketplace £1 for £1 – with consumers able to donate anything from 10%-100% of the proceeds from each item. The money raised will go to Oxfam’s work beating poverty around the world.

“We’re excited to be partnering with eBay to encourage people to buy and sell second-hand clothing, and raise as much money as possible for our work fighting poverty around the world. Buying second-hand helps to reduce the impact of clothing on the environment by giving garments a new lease of life.”
– Lorna Fallon, Retail Director, Oxfam

Figures from eBay highlight key themes that illustrate UK shopping trends post pandemic

Clear Cupboards Clear Minds

Starting the year in lockdown gave the nation the opportunity to declutter their cupboards and minds while making some extra cash with:

  • 32% more secondhand sales as thrifty Brits took to the marketplace to cure january blues by bagging a pre-loved bargain
  • 12% more secondhand fashion sales with Brits keen to put their most sustainable fashion foot forward in 2021

Tech This Out

And with a slow and staggered return to work, Brits are continuing to stock up their home offices with pre-loved tech, saving money while reducing waste as:

  • One pre-loved tech item has sold every two seconds in 2021 so far
  • eBay has witnessed a 19% sales increase of secondhand tech- a 14% lift since 2019

The Pre-Loved Roadmap

Just six days after the Government published its roadmap out of lockdown, shoppers were keen to pick up pre-loved items to help them prepare for the route to freedom as:

  • February 28th saw the highest number of pre-loved sales so far in 2021

Nostalgic Revival

With 2020 spent mostly locked down at home, the nation found comfort in the styles of days gone by inspiring a return to the nineties and noughties with:

  • Sweater vest searches jumping up 888%
  • Searches for Juicy Couture tracksuits up 200% as consumers emulate the style of noughties icons while enjoying a more comfortable look

Most popular brands to buy and sell secondhand on eBay in 2021

  1. Next
  2. Nike
  3. M&S
  4. Adidas
  5. Zara
  6. New Look
  7. River Island
  8. Primark
  9. George
  10. H&M

Most popular items to sell secondhand on eBay in 2021 with average selling price

  1. Tops & shirts – £8
  2. Dresses – £14
  3. Coats, jackets & waistcoats – £27
  4. Jumpers & cardigans – £14
  5. Trainers – £86
  6. Bags & Handbags – £57
  7. T Shirts – £16
  8. Jeans – £11
  9. Trousers – £10
  10. Skirts – £9

One Response

  1. I am really keen to explore the aspect of mental health awareness, clear house, clear mind, and my vintage clothing etc collection aka hoard – looking to set up a pop up in an empty unit in Walton on Thames as there are so many empty units I could set up a pop up, dehoard, help with my mental health and set up a Hoarding Support Group – this is a perfect opportunity to help recycle back into the environment and slow fashion ?♻️ look out for living a life of more sparkles and Mint Royale Emporium – owner Mandi currently de-hoarding and has been wearing 2nd hand for many years – lots of glorious unique vintage and retro pieces I just now have too much and it’s overwhelming hence I agreed to appear in a Channel 5 episode of hoarding if they agreed to discuss the mental health aspect which they did and added a support helpline – http://www.hoardinguk.org ❤️


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