Zebra TC57 Royal Mail handhelds to increase scanning compliance

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Royal Mail expands photo on delivery capability

Royal Mail is rolling out a new Zebra TC57 handheld device to posties across the UK, which they say will offer a more user-friendly experience for both frontline colleagues and customers. The rollout will be for 72,500 new devices to Royal Mail and Parcelforce.

We had a inkling this was due to happen as we had word of mouth that scanning on collections didn’t take place while the system was down on the 13th of September, although the collection driver for this particular retailer did scan his parcels back at the depot when the systems came back online around 5pm. We’re guessing it was due to preparations for the new devices.

Greater scanning compliance

The new Zebra TC57 has enhanced scanning capabilities making it easier to confirm the safe delivery of parcels at the doorstep, and giving customers additional peace of mind. It is also set to help posties improve scanning compliance leading to higher levels of customer service as well as greater convenience. We’re all in favour of this as higher compliance is exactly what ecommerce sellers have been calling for.

The new mobile device, called the Zebra TC57, is easier to carry than its predecessor being lighter, shorter and thinner. Another significant benefit is that it is rainproof – a crucial feature when making deliveries seven days a week in all weathers. There is also an improved front and rear camera for the capture of images as proof of delivery for safe place deliveries if required.

Zebra TC57 features

With an improved memory (8GB RAM) and hard drive capacity (32GB), the device is well placed to manage any future products and services in line with changing customer demand.

Owing to an enhanced battery life, the device is also able to last longer and ensure high levels of service at all times. Wi-Fi reception and faster internet speeds are also key features.

Running on a new Android 10 operating system, the device also gives Royal Mail’s delivery staff access to updated map capabilities.

The Zebra TC57 was selected following extensive trialling of different devices by postmen and postwomen across the UK who were impressed by the range of features it offered.

Following the successful trial, around 72,500 new devices are being rolled out across the UK to Royal Mail and Parcelforce Worldwide colleagues.

“Ensuring our people have access to the right tools to do the job is crucial as we look to re-invent Royal Mail for the next generations. Our team have been really impressed by the new devices which will deliver an enhanced experience for our customers while giving our colleagues’ a more user-friendly work experience.”
– Shiona Rolfe, Service Delivery Director, Royal Mail

The roll out is expected to be completed for Royal Mail in time for the busy Christmas season and by early next year for Parcelforce Worldwide.


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