Amazon MFN – Improve your chances of becoming a featured offer

Start Date:
Thursday 7th October 2021 - 11:00 am
End Date:
Thursday 7th October 2021 - 12:00 pm

Amazon are running a webinar for Amazon MFN (Merchant Fulfilment Network) sellers this Thursday at 11am, aiming to assist your chances of becoming a featured offer.

Amazon MFN is in some ways a disadvantage as those using FBA or Seller Fulfilled Prime generally get access to the Buy Box and featured offers by virtue of the fact that consumers can use their Prime subscription to access free shipping. This means if you use Amazon MFN you should take advantage of every trick in the book to get visibility for your products.

Of course if you offer unique products you can still win the Buy Box, but Amazon don’t have to give it to you even if your offer is the only one available. In this case Amazon will display the product without a recommended offer so you should still work to make your service as attractive as possible.

In this webinar, you will discover new features to help improve your Fulfilled by Merchant business and potentially boost your conversion. Learn how to increase the accuracy of your orders with Valid Tracking Rate, as well as how to ensure high-satisfaction customer experiences with Fulfilled by Merchant returns. Amazon will also take you through a live demo walk-through of Fulfilled by Merchant shipping settings.

This Amazon MFN webinar will cover:

  • Increase accuracy of orders with Valid Tracking Rate (VTR) and protect your privileges
  • Introduce Shipping Setting Automation and 1 day HT to boost speed
  • Set Free Shipping to attract more costumers
  • Learn how to ensure high customer experience with fulfilled by merchant returns
  • Live Demo: walk through fulfilled by merchant Shipping Settings

The Amazon MFN webinar takes place this Thursday the 7th of October at 11am so register now to reserve your spot.

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