Lego products latest brand on OnBuy

Lego products latest brand on OnBuy

OnBuy has today announced it will carry an extensive range of LEGO products, adding to its impressive portfolio of globally recognised brands. The brand adored by kids and adults alike will be available to order now, building on OnBuy’s competitive range with signature sets ready to order in time for the festive season.

The continued influx of brands to the website solidifies OnBuy’s position as a go to marketplace that sellers must seriously consider adopting if they haven’t already. With a broad range of integrations, you can almost certainly manage sales on OnBuy with the solution set you already use.

LEGO, known for its infinite designs for kids and adults to build houses, landscapes, vehicles and character sets, will all be available from the leading marketplace from October, just in time for the festive rush. Working in alignment with OnBuy, LEGO is a trusted brand known for its high level of standards when it comes to selling, and its exceptional quality of product.

OnBuy, which has grown significantly in recent years to become a leading alternative marketplace, works to connect its customers with trusted retailers, bringing consumers the products they love at competitive prices. The LEGO products range is just one of the many major brands to join OnBuy in recent years, adding to the range of 36 million products from over 7,000 retailers currently trading on the website.

“It’s a very exciting time for OnBuy. This year has really seen OnBuy grow its network of retailers and brands to an impressive level, with quality and trust remaining at the heart of the business.

Working with the team to bring coveted LEGO products to OnBuy will help us serve more consumers than ever before, with the products they want to see. As the retail silly season approaches, we expect to see plenty of activity on the platform, stay tuned as we continue onboarding more big names before the year is up.”
– Mark Lister, CCO, OnBuy

The wide range of LEGO products is available to purchase immediately from OnBuy, with competitive pricing available for sets across the website.

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