New Amazon Daily Order Limit

New Amazon Daily Order Limit

You can now set an Amazon Daily order Limit with the new Order handling capacity feature to improve your delivery promises. You can set a daily limit on the number of orders you can pack and ship, with a few clicks. If you get one more order than your limit, one day will be added to handling time for all additional orders.

The Amazon daily order Limit feature ensures that your business is not overwhelmed and could be really useful at busy times of year – and we are just coming up to the Black Friday and Christmas time when you are likely to be busiest. The other advantage is that you may be able to set faster handling times than previously, confident that at no point will you be overwhelmed by over promising and under delivering. Once you’ve received the maximum number of orders you’ve set for a day, your metrics won’t be impacted if customers continue to place orders as you’ll have an additional day to ship the remainder.

If you wish to set an, you can do so in the Handling Time settings.

Amazon Daily Order Limit benefits

  • Flexibility to set faster handling time
  • Faster delivery promise to customers
  • Manage expected or unexpected sales
  • Reduce the risk of high Late Dispatch Rate in case of order spikes, as orders adjust to the handling time once the daily capacity is reached.

Order handling capacity is limited to seller-fulfilled (non-Prime), standard shipping orders for domestic and out-of-country locations. It does not apply to “Prime” and “Premium shipping” orders.

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