Shopify partners with Microsoft to help merchants expand reach

Microsoft partners with Shopify to help merchants expand reach

Not too long after Google announced a partnership with Shopify, Microsoft have also announced that they have similarly partnered with the ecommerce platform to help merchants expand their reach by giving shoppers even more ways to access products.

Shoppers using Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Bing, and more recently Microsoft Start will now have access to a deeper selection of products from more than 1.7 million Shopify merchants. Using the Shopping tab on Microsoft Bing, and Microsoft Edge, you will now see more diverse products, better prices, and improved discovery of deals. You will also be able to simply check out via the Shopping tab on Microsoft Bing quickly and securely.

For Shopify merchants, this partnership will help significantly expand the reach of their brands and products with just a few clicks. Getting started is simple; using the improved Microsoft Channel app, merchants can easily connect with shoppers across the Microsoft network. Shopify merchants’ products will also automatically show on the Shopping tab on Microsoft Bing and the Microsoft Start Shopping tab for free as product listings. Shopify merchants will also find value in creating new ad campaigns and viewing marketing performance through real-time reports in their Shopify store.

This new integration of Shopify in Microsoft’s web experiences is just the beginning of some great new shopping enhancements we will be rolling out to provide thoughtful, convenient, and more secure experiences for shoppers. Microsoft are excited to create new and meaningful connections between shops and shoppers for this season and beyond.

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