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If you want to get serious about advertising with video content, then a white paper released today by Pinterest is essential reading. Titled ‘Pinterest: where video gets results‘, you’ll find research that shows advertisers’ video content reaches audiences more effectively on the platform than other sites.

Offering an ideal solution for marketers, the research shows that video ad content on Pinterest is more effective than other platforms when it comes to reaching an engaged target audience. The research, conducted by GroupM, showed that video ads on Pinterest have 3x higher viewability and a 2x higher completion rate than other social platforms.

The effectiveness is due to audiences on Pinterest being uniquely more receptive to inspiring ad content, with video campaigns on Pinterest having an average viewable reach of 82%, according to Kantar’s study of 42 Pinterest video campaigns across France, Germany, Spain and the UK.

Advertisers across categories such as food, home, fashion, beauty and travel are seeing the effectiveness of their reach on Pinterest. Airbnb’s ‘First Night on Us’ video ad reached 4.2m people in just four weeks – more than 70% of the targeted audience. While Barilla launched its Barilla Collezione with ads tailored for Pinterest which generated a viewable reach of 73% and a Pin awareness lift of 10 percentage points).

“Pinterest is truly unique because it attracts hundreds of millions of planners each month around the world, who choose Pinterest as THE positive, safe and inspiring space on the internet, to find the next thing they want to buy, or try. On Pinterest, people actually want to see video content from advertisers to help them take their ideas to and turn them into reality. We’ve seen a significant rise in people and brands creating and viewing video content this past year as people seek a more immersive and engaging source of inspiration.”
– Visha Naul, Director of Business Marketing, EMEA, Pinterest

Pinterest has always been a more positive place, with nearly 9 in 10 weekly Pinners saying that Pinterest is an online oasis. Now more than ever, platforms are responsible for creating and fostering positive online experiences for consumers.

To help advertisers, Pinterest is providing top tips for creating the most engaging video ad, based on the most effective reaching content from the last year on Pinterest.

  1. Decipher your business goals
  2. Think first about your business objectives to decide whether you want a high impact, short sharp video to grab attention, or a lengthier, more educational version.

  3. Know your customer
  4. To target the most relevant audience with your video, ensure that you know who that audience is. Since the idea of the traditional ‘audience profile’ has been disrupted, read up on new consumer habits and expectations which are emerging. It can be as simple as choosing colour palettes and words that they are most drawn to.

  5. Select the right ingredients
  6. Different audiences respond best to different types of video-content. From user-generated content which is human-led, to videos which offer click throughs with additional information, think carefully about your video components.

  7. Tap into what people are searching for
  8. To help shape the direction of your video, look into what your audience is searching for. Check out Pinterest Trends, so you can spearhead these trends as they grow and peak, to ensure you’re front of mind for what’s of interest to them. From cocktails at Christmas, to red nails for Valentine’s Day.

  9. Make it actionable
  10. Whether it’s collaborating with Creators who your audience follow, or encouraging your customers to try on and shop a product with a Try On Sticker, it’s important to make your video content engaging and actionable.


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