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A new sustainable marketplace, Farly, has opened its virtual shopping windows. Farly is aiming to build the world’s leading community of sustainable style setters. Caggie Dunlop, Hum Fleming, Kelly Eastwood, Niomi Smart, Henri Tiefenthaler and others travelled down to Clifton Nurseries to celebrate the launch.

In light of COP26, Farly could not have launched at a better time. It is clear that we should all consider the lifespan of our products and really think about the materials we surround ourselves with, yet time is of the essence. In comes Farly, where you can browse creative and beautifully curated shop windows, filled with unique sustainable finds. Farly is a step towards circular consumption challenging its users to help design a system that’s fit for the future.

Farly encourages its users to commit to building healthier supply chains, challenging themselves to use less resources, create less waste, and bring full transparency to the products they aim to sell through the site in a trendy and inspiring environment. Good curation is rewarded with Farly points through which discounts can be earned. The easy-to-use tools and creative space make it accessible for all users to market their products in an inspiring way. With its ever changing mood boards filled with latest finds, picks and products inspired by trends, anniversaries and key dates, Farly truly sets itself apart from other reseller sites. Both in creativity and sustainability efforts.

Farly welcomes second hand sellers, independents, and sustainable brands on the platform. Users who intend to sell are challenged to answer seven questions on sustainability in relation to the products they sell. The questions range from the supply chain of the product, to the manufacturing to the packaging. This leads to more transparency on the products and ultimately helps Farly build a more responsible shopping environment.

Users are asked to carefully consider any impact the creation of their products may have on human wellbeing, and ensure that those impacts are positive. Farly is ambitious in its plans to build a cleaner and greener future.

Seller FAQ

Sign up to sell

You can sign up to sell at https://farly.co/

What are the fees?

There is no fee to sign up to the website and be a buyer or curator.

The only fee is if you are a seller – in which case, the platform takes 15% of the item’s sale price.

For anyone that inspires a sale as a Curator, they can earn 5% in Farly points and these can be used to deduct money off a Farly purchase.

What product categories are available?

Users can sell anything from sustainable and secondhand clothing, jewellery, footwear, homeware and more so long as the products meet with the sustainable guidelines.

Can you upload listings in bulk?

There’s no multichannel integration currently, but you can upload 10 items per window and you can create as many windows as you like.

How do you manage orders and inventory?

Visit your Farly ‘My Account’, where you can manage inventory, purchase, sales and check their sales history.

Which payment methods are used?

Payments can be made using any debit/credit cards or alternatively, users can choose to pay items via PayPal.

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  1. ethical ?
    thought we would check them out,
    after a few seconds you get a pop up that allows you to go no further unless you sign up


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