Join at 2pm this Thursday for peak success secrets

Courier Failures - Could they disrupt your peak trading? Join at 2pm this Thursday for peak success secrets

Peak is a crucial time for and it’s their busiest time of the year so courier failures are simply something they can’t afford to risk. That’s why we’re holding a webinar interview with Patrick Gore from and GFS on Thursday the 4th of November at 2pm, during which we’ll be discussing their secret to protecting Peak and how they have been protecting themselves from courier failures ever since 2014 when their courier went bust in the middle of Christmas trading! sees 80% of their sales exclusively take place over peak, and delivery is a major piece of the puzzle. How, then, does a business like mitigate risk and protect the customer experience during such a critical sales period year-after-year?

In this session, Managing Director of Patrick Gore, joins Bobbie Ttooulis – Group Marketing Director of the UK’s largest provider of multi-carrier delivery solutions GFS – to talk candidly about the top 3 delivery mistakes that retailers commonly make at peak, the successes and learnings have experienced themselves and how they bring this together to create a best-in-class plan that prepares and protects delivery over peak each year.

With carriers already operating for the past 18 months at peak levels, driver shortages and the pandemic still disrupting with workers off sick, Peak 2022 is going to be one where only those with their logistics in top shape and the ability to flex and adapt will survive the coming onslaught.

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