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Klana have launched a new app which enables shoppers to buy from all online retailers, whether the retailer has integrated Klarna or not. The ‘Klarna marketplace app’ is being touted as the only shopping app consumers need. It enables consumers to buy from you and pay later and you will be none the wiser as all you’ll see is the payment arrive as if it had been paid by card.

“As the app economy grows, today consumers face an increasingly cluttered and confusing landscape of e-commerce apps – this is frustrating and time-wasting for the consumer. Klarna solves this by launching the only app consumers need. Today consumers can shop at all online stores through the app, explore exclusive deals and personalised shopping collections, save items and unlock price drop notifications, view items’ delivery tracking, manage payments and returns, and more. With Klarna’s interest-free shopping feature consumers can now use Klarna’s payment methods at all online shops, regardless of whether they are directly partnered with Klarna or not. The new Klarna app will fundamentally change the end to end shopping experience, placing consumers firmly in control with an app that meets their real needs.”
– Klarna

The fundamentals of the Klarna marketplace app are simple, shop with any retailer through the in-app shopping browser. When you find something you want to buy add it to your basket and press the pink ‘K’ button. You’ll then create a one time virtual payment card to the value of your purchase and cut and paste the details into the retailer’s checkout and that’s your purchase completed.

Put simply, the Klarna marketplace app opts in all retailers (without them having to sign up to offer Klarna) and enables consumers to pay later for any purchase they want to make online. Of course if you are a retailer offering Klarna then you might be included in the exclusive deals and price drop notifications through the Klarna app.

What we don’t know is what protection consumers will have when they make a purchase through the Klarna app. Pay with credit card and you’ve got some great consumer rights if the product doesn’t arrive or is faulty. Pay through Klarna and you probably lose some of these rights and if the retailer hasn’t signed up to Klarna then you might as well have paid cash – this won’t be a problem with reputable retailers, but so many overseas businesses open up a .co.uk website and present themselves as a UK business so you’ll want to check that they really are UK based to ensure you are getting UK return rights and that UK consumer protection laws applies to your purchase.

“Today people seek simplicity that solves for their specific needs in one place and enables a range of activities across their shopping journey. Switching between apps is something we as consumers find more and more frustrating. Today we are announcing a major milestone on our journey to helping people save time and money and giving them more control over their finances. With the introduction of our new app, Klarna becomes an end to end shopping service that caters to many needs – from inspiration and discovery to seamless post-purchase experiences. Meanwhile, we’ve made transparent and flexible payments a possibility everywhere because we believe no one should ever have to pay credit card fees or high-interest rates.”
– Sebastian Siemiatkowski, CEO, Klarna

The new all encompassing Klarna marketplace app is available to download for iOS and Android mobile devices and is available in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Austria, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Poland and France.


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