OnBuy November promotions bring fresh deals every week

OnBuy November promotions bring fresh deals every week

OnBuy November promotions are live! They are featuring a month of deals to your customers throughout November. Promising fresh deals every week, the promotions currently focus on products drawn from the Home and Lifestyle categories, but watch this space as they’ll have a different selection of deals on offer next week.

This is a marketplace that has grown massively over the past few years and the OnBuy November promotions are setting up what’s expected to be their biggest Black Friday period ever. Last October, November and December, saw OnBuy retailers benefit from 105% growth in orders and 100% growth in orders from new customers. Q4 2020 saw 6x growth in traffic compared to the previous year. This year, the number of new OnBuy customers per month is the highest it’s ever been.

OnBuy have deployed a suite of data science led search developments to their onsite search facility which they say will vastly improve the customer experience, allowing consumers to find the right products, faster than ever before. This latest enhancement is just one step in their roadmap to be the best choice for retailers, continuing to offer you added value at no added expense. By their announcement in October, they reported that their suite of data science led search developments had delivered £5.5m of additional sales.

Realistically, if you are not already selling on OnBuy then it will be a challenge to launch on the platform in time to capitalise from the OnBuy November promotions, however if you’ve some time it may be easier than you think as they have integrations with all of the major multichannel management companies. If you’re late to the party however, we recommend you keep an eye on their reporting of the OnBuy November promotions and Q4 sales and use this to inform your decision as to whether you should be selling on the marketplace in 2022 – if their results are anything like we’ve seen in previous years then it’ll be a no-brainer.

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