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Sealed Air, the global leader in protective packaging solutions, has set a new standard in sustainability and protection with the launch of a range of mailers that contain more recycled content than any similar product on the market. The new SEALED AIR® Brand Mail Lite® mailers are also now designed for recycling, as the inner bubble sleeve can be easily detached from the outer paper sleeve, which in turn uses FSC® certified, non-coated Kraft paper from responsible forestry. Each component can then be separately reused or recycled in the appropriate waste stream.

The redeveloped SEALED AIR Brand AirCap® bubble liner uniquely contains a minimum of 60% recycled material. In addition, due to Sealed Air’s unique co-extruded air retention layer, the mailers are stronger and provide more protection in transit than non-barrier bubble materials.

The new Mail Lite® mailers represent a significant step towards achieving Sealed Air’s pledge to make all its products 100% recyclable by 2025.

“With ecommerce on the rise, people are increasingly choosing to use mailers over larger packaging alternatives such as corrugated boxes – saving time, energy, space and in some cases around 35% in postal costs.
Our new Mail Lite® mailers already lead the way in performance, protecting goods from damage during transit across numerous ecommerce and fulfilment applications, having been engineered to reduce waste at every stage without compromising on quality or performance.
We’re extremely proud to be setting the benchmark for environmentally-responsible mailers that are designed for recycling”

– Mirella Andriano, Portfolio Manager, Sealed Air

Sealed Air MailLite designed for recyclingThe inner AirCap® bubble sleeve is now attached only to the top, sides and bottom of the outer paper sleeve of the Mail Lite®, rather than the traditional full lamination method that previously bonded the components together and prevented the bags from being separated for recycling.

Consumers are given clear recycling instructions on the back of each Mail Lite® envelope, illustrating the company’s commitment to leading the field in terms of sustainability.

Available in 11 sizes – ranging from A/000 size (110mm x 160mm) up to K/7 size (350mm x 470mm) – either in white or gold, the new Mail Lite® mailers are now stocked across Europe.

6 Responses

  1. I know this is really just a big advert, but I used to use Mail Lite all the time, they were my go-to, but since they made them ‘easy to recycle’ the quality is awful, a lot of them have the glue strip missing and on the white ones there’s that awful red strip that’s meant to make them easy to open, I have to add extra tape to stop them coming open.

    I switched to Featherpost, they’re cheaper and far better quality IMO.

  2. Same for me the quality of the Mail Lite is terrible now since they gone over to easy to recycle
    I switched to Arofol

  3. I agree with JoeB. I started selling Mail Lite last year and stopped last month.

    I have had several customers complain that the quality is not very good, and I too found the same when we used them, and we still have some of the original Mail Lites to compare with.

    While the idea is good, they appear to be much poorer quality now, and less protective.

  4. Agree wholeheartedly with the review above, the quality of these bags are now dreadful, they tear as soon as you put something that has a hard corner, I am seriously thinking of changing to another brand, they used to be brilliant but now now good at all . Whilst I agree with the sustainability issues I do not agree with loosing the quality at the same time!

  5. Also agree with above posts … but how late are you with this ‘news story’?!
    Been using these new versions for over a year now in certain sizes.

  6. Many thanks for posting and sorry to hear about your experience of Mail Lite®.

    We’ve worked hard to improve the environmental credentials of Mail Lite, while maintaining the performance that customers like yourself have appreciated over the years.

    If possible, we’d welcome the opportunity to discuss this further and to act on your feedback.

    Would you be able to share your contact details with me via
    [email protected] and I can get in touch to discuss?

    Many thanks, Paul Saunderson, Country Director UKI, Sealed Air


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