ShipStation solution for COVID tests shipping

ShipStation solution for COVID tests shipping

As the world continues to open up its borders for travelling and large events, the consumer demand for COVID tests has skyrocketed. An unlikely company has found themselves solving this demand – ShipStation, more used to assisting ecommerce retailers have been helping companies adapt from B2B order volumes to a consumer level demand. Rather than bulk shipping many have seen their output increase from 1,000 orders a day to 10,000 within 24 hours and that’s needed a robust platform in order to rapidly scale.

Have Hygiene are expected to do around 500k PCR tests per month using ShipStation, having shipped around 27k orders over a 30-day period.
Meanwhile, Expert Medicals have become the most active label creator using ShipStation in the UK, having already shipped over 700k PCR tests over a 61-day stretch.

The critical function here is that nearly everything is automated for suppliers and manufacturers to streamline order fulfilment, with ShipStation supporting the sending of over 600,000 tests monthly. If you are a medical supplier, pharmacist, healthcare Retailer, or a COVID test kit manufacturer and now need to send COVID tests to consumers and need help with orders soaring in volume then ShipStation could be the perfect solution.

ShipStation’s ecommerce credentials mean they are perfectly positioned for quick set up and fast scaling, and you can expect:

  • Software designed for high volume orders
  • 1k orders per day to 10k per day within 24 hours of using ShipStation
  • Automate order assignment and manifests for faster, accurate processing
  • Little to no setup time, especially with a singular product such as COVID tests
  • Multi-carrier platform provides choice with all major UK carriers
  • Batch label printing for high throughput
  • Receive round the clock support from an expert team
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