Yodel launches improved customer app

Yodel launches improved customer app

Yodel have announced the launch of its improved customer app, aimed at providing customers with a more personalised parcel delivery experience this Christmas. The launch follows a record year of growth for the business, as it continues to invest in new technology and innovation.

Parcel companies are continuously finding new ways to update their apps and provide customers with a better service. Better service options also give sellers more confidence knowing that their customers are able to make more choices on how they receive their parcels in the lead up to delivery. Yodel’s improved customer app will let customers access a number of new features, including the ability to pre-select a default ‘safe place’ at their home address in case they are unable to meet their driver at the time of delivery. It will also offer greater parcel tracking functionality, allowing users to receive push notification updates on the status of their delivery.

After downloading the app, customers will also be able to use streamlined login services to provide additional information to drivers, such as preferred deliver to neighbour preferences. Further features will be integrated into the app’s second phase in the new year, such as getting updates on parcels via Amazon’s assistant Alexa and taking pictures of a dedicated ‘safe place’ to show the driver.

“We’re excited to be launching our new Yodel app to deliver a seamless user experience that will allow shoppers to personalise their parcel delivery quickly and conveniently. This launch reinforces our commitment to investing in innovation and technology across our business to drive efficiency for customers.”
– Helen Marshall, CIO at Yodel

The launch follows a range of investments to support the growth of the business, including launching a consumer-to-consumer service, Yodel Direct, and investing over £1m in a state-of-the-art new sortation system which scales up capability to handle a broad range of specialist items.

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Great idea anything to improve the expirence, yodel offering some great budget options via parcel2go which is great to see, but the service can be a bit hit or miss, if yodel can sort out 'delivered to pick up point' but no one knows where that is type issues they could be a real threat to Hermes

Ifellow • 16th November 2021 •

OK to use yodel if you don't mind them leaving your parcels on the doorstep in full View of passers-by. I have a Ring doorbell cam and this did not deter the delivery guy from leaving my parcel on the doorstep. He literally walked up to the door pressed the bell, put the parcel down and walked away all in less than 5 seconds. No time for the signal to be sent from the doorbell to my phone. This is why they run away before you can speak to them on the monitor. I was 10 miles away and had to abandon my journey, get back on the tube and go home to rescue the parcel! They don't care if your parcel gets stolen by an opportunist porch pirate.

Jay • 17th November 2021 •