Amazon European Fulfilment Network relaunch March 2022

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Two years after the UK left the EU, Amazon are to reintroduce their European Fulfilment Network service between the UK and EU, once again enabling merchants to make their inventory available for purchase on both sides of the English Channel. The European Fulfilment Network relaunch will mean that for many the simplest way of selling to EU customer from the UK (or vice versa) is once again opened up.

The real impact of the European Fulfilment Network relaunch will be increased competition. It was reported for example that almost 70% of UK sellers on Amazon Germany have now stopped selling and we’re hoping that European Fulfilment Network relaunch will enable these small businesses to resume trade with the continent. The downside is that in return UK sellers will probably see increased competition from EU sellers.

Preparing for European Fulfilment Network relaunch

Starting in March 2022, eligible international offers will go live in phases until May 2022 via the European Fulfilment Network. Some sellers have already started to receive invitations to sign up ready for the launch.

If you are preparing to use the European Fulfilment Network service, you will want to ensure that your prices reflect European Fulfilment Network fees and VAT by adjusting the prices manually or by using Build International Listings pricing rules to adjust your prices automatically.

Amazon will prioritise fulfilling orders from local inventory if you store inventory in both the UK and EU FBA, or if you use Pan-European FBA. Domestic fulfilment fees or European Fulfilment Network fees will then apply where applicable.

European Fulfilment Network selling requirements

To sell between the UK and the EU using the European Fulfilment Network, you must have the following:

•       Offers for your products in both the UK and the EU (Germany, France, Italy and/or Spain)
•       Inventory stored in local fulfilment centres.
•       Both UK and EU Seller Central accounts
•       FBA Shipping Programmes and Export settings enabled from inventory source countries to the destination stores.

Opting Out

Your shipping programmes and export settings may be automatically updated to enable cross-border fulfilment.

If you don’t wish to participate, to prevent all of your eligible offers from being activated for the European Fulfilment Network relaunch, opt out

by 11:59pm on the 23rd of February 2022.


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