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Promoted Listings Advanced BETA is eBay’s newest advertising offering and gives you the ability to promote listings on a CPC (cost-per-click) basis. This will be a familiar advertising model to that offered by Internet Search Engines like Google, but if it’s not for you then Promoted Listings Standard is also available, offering CPA (cost-per-acquisition, where you only pay on a successful sale).

eBay have announced a raft of new features for Promoted Listings Advanced BETA which aim to assist those using the offering to increase efficiency and drive sales.

If you’d like some expert insights into eBay Promoted Listings, register for Tamebay Live which starts tomorrow, the 25th of January and sign up for the eBay Ads session at 1:30 pm. eBay’s Rufus Bazley and Ellen Mikals will be on hand to walk you through advertising on eBay and will save time at the end of the session to answer question submitted live during their masterclass.

New Promoted Listings Advanced BETA features

  • Insights into monthly search volume of suggested keywords – You can now see how many times buyers have searched for suggested keywords in the last 30 days. This enhancement gives you more visibility into keyword competitiveness and volume of searches over time. This will help you make strategic decisions on which keywords to target and the value of each keyword to you.
  • Ability to download campaign reports in bulk – You can now save time by using the Reports tab to download and schedule reports for your Promoted Listings Advanced BETA campaigns. The feature allows you to download reports at the account level and for multiple campaigns at once. These bulk reports are available for all of your Promoted Listings Advanced keyword, listing and search query report types.
  • New negative keyword tab – When setting your keyword bids, negative keywords will now appear on a separate tab. As a reminder, negative keywords don’t require bids because they are terms that you’d like to prevent your ad from appearing for. This means that when a buyer searches for a term that you’ve added as a negative keyword, your Advanced ads will not be eligible for display.
  • Negative keyword counts – You can now see how many negative keywords are in each of your ad groups on the campaign overview page. This additional information gives you an upfront view of your entire campaign, making it easier to ensure that it’s ready for launch.
  • Expanded keyword view area – We’ve increased the view area of the ‘choose your keywords’ section to show a greater number of keywords at once. Scrolling to set your keyword bids is also now more automatic. These enhancements can help you save time evaluating keywords and setting competitive bids.
  • Hide zero quantity or out of stock items – When creating an ad group, you’ll no longer be able to add listings that are out of stock.
  • Listing count summary – You can now see how many listings match your filter selections when adding listings to your ad group. This additional information can help you narrow down your listings, making it easier to build an effective ad group.
  • Filter listings by store category – You can now use your own category structure to find listings and create your campaigns. Grouping together similar listings will allow you to target them with the same set of keywords and bids. 

More updates and enhancements are on their way, which you’ll start to see over the next couple of weeks and months.

For more learning, you can also access Ads Academy by clicking on the link at the top right of the Promoted Listings Advanced BETA campaign management page.


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