Tamebay Live 11:05am today: How to exponentially grow your AMZ business

When we seek to improve a business we acquire, there are core functions we look at; operational efficiency, brand development and expansion: geography and marketplace. Nailing the first two points means we can have a best-in-class company within its current status quo while the latter two open up potential growth avenues, where we aim to double the brand’s size in three years.

Taking care of operational efficiency means we never have an out-of-stock situation. We upgrade content (listings, pictures, videos) and delve into marketing and pricing strategies. All these tasks are constantly monitored to avoid unwanted surprises. Regarding brand development, we do a backward analysis starting with the customer. We see the customer journey so we can analyse how it could be improved.

Once we have a best-in-class operating company, we think about growth. Every brand gets a tailor made strategy. For some, the potential resides in growing them geographically. For others, the opportunity lies in launching new products or variants of existing ones in new marketplaces. Complexity differs across decisions and no matter which strategy we decide to implement, we consider a minimum of six months ramp-up period to achieve full potential.

This is the basic structure we follow to exponentially grow our Amazon businesses. First, get it right in its current status quo. Then, make it grow to reach its full potential.


Carla Coll Valenti – Senior Strategic Integration Manager, SellerX

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