eBay Collectibles: Reduced fixed fee to 10p under £10

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eBay UK is today launching a new reduced fee structure in selected Collectibles categories, targeting items listed for under £10. Yes that’s right, the 30p fixed fee for lower cost eBay Collectibles is going down to 10p per order for Business Sellers! We always love a reduction in fees and especially in this instance – for so many lower priced eBay Collectibles this 20p saving is way more impactful than a decrease to the final value fee percentage.

eBay say that this reduction has been designed to help sellers improve margins on the unique and low-cost inventory much loved by over 20 million monthly buyers on the platform – such as coins, stamps and trading cards. 

Taking on board recent feedback from the seller community, eBay has recognised the fee structure as a major challenge to the Collectibles community, where the typically lower price point inventory has been less economical to sell. The fee reduction on items under £10 will tackle this problem head on, supporting Collectibles sellers at an opportune time with major moments such as the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, The World Cup and the Pokemon World Championship capturing the UK’s attention in 2022.

Whether it’s fee changes or other updates on selling, eBay will continue to work with the seller community and listen to feedback when it comes to improving the seller experience.

– eBay

eBay Collectibles reduced fixed fee detail

  • The fixed charge will be reduced to from 30p to 10p per order for a total sales price up to £10
  • This change will apply to new listings only, listed after 1 February 2022
  • There is no limit to number of listings or orders eligible
  • The discount will be applied as part of a monthly credit
  • The fee change will launch on 1 February 2022
  • This fee change applies to Business Sellers with a registered address in the UK

Please note, items that were listed using the Good ‘Till Cancelled function prior to 1st February 2022 are ineligible for the reduced order fees. You’ll need to pause your listing and relaunch as a new listing… and while you do that it’s a great time to check title, images, item specifics, and descriptions, to see if they can be improved. If you’re already happy with your listings, then end them and relist using eBay’s bulk tools.

 Eligible categories

  • Antiques (#20081)
  • Art (#550)
  • Coins (#11116)
  • Collectables (#1)
  • Dolls & Bears (#237)
  • Pottery & Glass (#870)
  • Sports Memorabilia (#64482)
  • Stamps (#260)

3 Responses

  1. there are plenty of other items that are under £10 and arent ‘collectable’ that deserve to have “micropayments” transaction fees brought back on,
    and having to create a new listing is just nonsense.

  2. Guess they’ve noticed all the collectable sellers leaving the site due to the disastrous category changes and high fees.

    That 30p fee really hits lower priced sales. Especially when buyers pay separately as Ebay hasn’t sorted the basket problems out.

    Better late than never, I suppose, but why make sellers wait nearly 60 days to get the money back? Why not simply drop it to 10p when an item sells. ???

    Also, it only applies to new listings created or relisted after 1 Feb.

  3. Another stupid idea – just to pretend that they are doing “something” – but in fact it won’t help most of the sellers.

    Either do something right or don’t do it at all – pretending is just waste of time and money.


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