Etsy update policies for 2022

Etsy update policies for 2022

In an email sent out to users, Etsy have announced that they are updating their policies for 2022, coming into effect on the 9th of March.

Increased Transparency

The new updates to Etsy’s House Rules focus on building on trust and transparency. Several policies including their Privacy Policy, Payments Policy, Electronic Comms Policy, and Buyer Policy have been refreshed to increase transparency, provide more clarity, and reflect new features and services.

Requests for Information Policy

Etsy has also updated their Requests for Information Policy to provide more transparency to members. Specifically, Etsy has updated this policy to outline how, in situations where information is validly requested, Etsy will contact you before disclosing your information (unless it’s a legal situation where we’re prohibited to do so).

Changes to the seller policy

There have been a couple of changes to the seller Policy including restrictions to the content sellers upload. One notable change in the policy is that sellers must not encourage buyers to facilitate a transaction outside of Etsy.

Since many sellers direct their Etsy customers to their other channels it begs the question as to what Etsy consider as ‘Encouraging or facilitating a transaction that evades the Etsy checkout process’

You can take a look at the policy updates here.

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