Law enforcers are selling seized goods on eBay


Did you know, you can find a bargain on a law enforcers eBay page and recently The Centralia Police Department in Washington announced they would be selling seized and unclaimed goods on eBay too.

The money earnt from the sold goods will either be placed into the city’s general fund or for items that were involved in drug related crimes the money will be used to fund the prevention of future drug-related offenses in the city. So… who wants to get their hands on a criminals item?

It might be surprising to some but Washington is not the only state to have governmental bodies listing on eBay. New York, Oregon and other places across the U.S. are doing the same. It’s not just the U.S. either, you’ll find the same happening in other parts of the world including the UK.

Realistically, seized and uncollected items are either destined to be destroyed or sold elsewhere so opting for a more recognisable marketplace provides an approach that reduces waste and helps raise cash for a good cause. According to Police Chief Stacy Denham the process of listing and selling these items will be quick and simple due to the details and images of any seized and unclaimed property being catalogued.

It looks like eBay has become a good choice for law enforcement agencies and perhaps similar governmental bodies should follow suit. Consumers love to find interesting things and a bargain which is exactly what they’ll find on a law enforcement eBay page.

The Centralia Police Department is now selling items via a new Ebay Storefront known as MapleStreet_Merchandise.  Click here to access the new ebay store.

The Centralia Police Department

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