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Nethansa offer AI and Big Data tools along with services to assist brands and retailers to sell on Amazon and Whilst many tasks are automated by the Nethansa Platform, their big focus is on your profitability and the steps you need to take to maximise success on the marketplaces.

We spoke to Sascha Stockem, Nethansa’s CEO, to find out more:

Sascha Stockem, CEO, Nethansa

Sascha started out in retail almost before he finished education, and had already established a 10,000m2 retail business in his 20s. Running his own brick and mortar stores, he spotted the potential of ecommerce to accelerate sales velocity but couldn’t find the right tool to manage stock, prices and orders that was suitable for both the online and offline world. Determined to solve this shortfall, he prototyped the tool that Nethansa use today. After getting his suppliers to test the platform, the potential soon became clear.

Nethansa today

Today, Nethansa are the largest marketplace service and solution provider in Central and Eastern Europe with a team of close to 80 experts providing services to customers on Amazon and Verified by Amazon SPN, Amazon Marketplace Appstore and, Nethansa’s team of internationally experienced ecommerce experts enables partners to sell to customers across the European markets and beyond without the need to invest in building up their own teams and resources.

Using AI and Big Data, the Nethansa Platform helps automate selling on marketplaces. You can manage your product prices, use Nethansa’s repricing feature, effectively plan your stock orders and ultimately win the Buy Box.

The ultimate aim of Nethansa is to help partners increase their sales and profitability at a fraction of the cost and with minimal risk.

There are two options for working with Nethansa – Software as a service (SaaS) which you access yourself, or a fully managed service which comes with an Onboarding Manager, Dedicated Account Manager and multi-lingual support desk for your customers.


Nethansa’s proprietary platform manages 1000s of product listings on Amazon and marketplaces across a number of countries. The platforms automates a number of time consuming and error prone processes increasing the efficiency of sales and order management.

With this option, the platform will assess the market size, competitor pricing, product demand and selling opportunities and indication of a price change impact on sales. Sascha explains that this isn’t a one off exercise but the platform performs this process constantly in order to optimise sales and profitability. You can use the platform to tailor your sales strategy, too. The platform’s key functionality includes:

  • Price management to increase profits – Nethansa Platform is designed to sell as much as possible with the highest margin possible. It adjusts prices in each marketplace whilst taking into consideration all related costs and competitors’ pricing.
  • Sales forecasts and stock management – Nethansa Platform tells you what products to order and when to do it. We base our suggestions on the analysis of actual Amazon product sales data.
  • Logistics and order management – our platform gives you active control over stock levels and allows for order tracking from the user panel. You can integrate your account easily with courier services to allow for swift dispatch and delivery of your orders.
  • Automation and integrations – Nethansa Platform integrates with most of the well-known ERP systems and online stores, as well as with Amazon API and
  • Sales trend analysis – use the analytical and reporting part of our platform to spot declining products and growth opportunities.

Managed Service

The managed service will give you all the advantages of the SaaS platform, but with the addition of an Onboarding Manager who will ensure you’re fully up to speed with the platform’s functionality and ready to sell efficiently in a matter of weeks. Once your account is fully set up, you can benefit from our customer service provided in 8 languages, Key Account Manager support and their strategic guidance, content and advertising services and more.  Sascha lists the main advantages to be:

  • Key Account Managers provide strategic guidance pertaining sales strategy for different marketplaces and countries.
  • Nethansa take care of managing customer queries on products, orders and deliveries in 8 languages
  • They assist in meeting legal and accounting requirements demanded by the marketplaces
  • Minimise operating costs related to trading on marketplaces
  • Implement FBA and FBM selling models where relevant and best suited to our Partners
  • Provide ongoing analysis of the sales opportunities
  • Manage returns and return policies
  • Optimise courier networks and order delivery logistics
  • SEO optimise product listings’ content
  • Verify and launch new products on the marketplaces

Future plans

Sascha tells about the business continuing with ambitious expansion plans to enter additional marketplaces and product functionality development roadmap. There’s much to be positive about. Watch this space.  

Is Nethansa for you?

Merchants who already sell on Amazon and are ready expand to other markets benefit hugely from Nethansa services as it can minimise the risks typically associated with scaling businesses. Existing Amazon sellers can go from local to international markets within a matter of a few weeks and in some cases days.

Automating many of the resource-hungry processes across multiple countries and marketplaces is why multi-brand sellers and resellers are able to grow rapidly with Nethansa according to Sascha.

How do I get started?

There is a 14-day free trial of Nethansa Platform available to all new users to allow you to test the platform first hand. Sign up today at to get started.


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