eBay to remove items supporting Vladimir Putin

According to Insider, eBay will be removing items expressively supporting Vladimir Putin from their platform. eBay have stated that this move is in line with their strict policies which prevent the sale of items that cause offence.

In order to promote trust and respect among our diverse community of members, eBay does not allow items that promote or glorify hatred, violence, discrimination or intolerance based on the characteristics listed below or promote organizations that hold such views.

eBay’s Offensive materials policy

As presented in this policy, any merchandise that is supporting Vladimir Putin is not allowed however, the sale and purchase of historical or educational materials is still allowed. So if you sell materials that mention Vladimir Putin in an educational or historical setting you shouldn’t have any issues with your listings.

eBay are one of the marketplaces who have responded to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine by suspending certain services in Russia whilst offering support to Ukraine. eBay have suspended all selling fees for users in Ukraine to alleviate any cash flow pressures and are making donations through various charities. Although they have unfortunately been forced to suspend all international deliveries to Ukraine. They’ve also suspended all deliveries to Russia.

Amazon remove ‘z’ T-shirts

eBay are not the only ones removing offensive items from their marketplace. Amazon have had to remove Russian military supporting ‘z’ T-shirts that were causing offence. The shirts were likely part of Amazons print on demand service that allows sellers to put any graphic on a shirt which can then be sold through Amazon’s own fulfilment services.

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