New tools and insights introduced to Etsy Ads

Etsy have recently introduced some new tools and listing-level insights that make it easier for sellers to make the most of their Etsy Ads campaigns.

Improvements to the Etsy Ads dashboard based on seller feedback are being well received. The new tools will give sellers more control over their advertising campaigns and make it easier for those with lots of listings to decide which products to advertise.

New tools help you make smart decisions

Etsy sellers can now keep a closer eye on how a campaign is performing with more data and listing-level stats. Now you can see the click rate and return on ad spend (ROAS) for each of the listings you’re advertising. Click rate is the percentage of your ad views that result in a click. And ROAS tells you how much you’ve made from every dollar you’ve invested in advertising.

These more detailed stats can help you better understand which ads are bringing you the most traffic – and profit – so you can make the most of your advertising budget. You can now see the stats for each of the listings you’re advertising and you can quickly start or stop advertising a specific listing based on how it’s performing.

Etsy have also made it easier to select which listings you want to advertise. Now you can see more of your listings at once so you can quickly select the products you want to promote.

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