PayPal Happy Returns service free to US merchants

PayPal are introducing some changes that make it easier for merchants to manage their returns including making Happy Returns return and exchange portal software free, and increasing the total number of Happy Returns Return Bar locations to more than 5,000.

The rise in online shopping unsurprisingly brought with it a large amount of returns, which created a surge in logistical challenges for many businesses. By making the Happy Returns software available to PayPal merchant customers at no additional cost, PayPal helps merchants of all sizes to transform their returns experience while streamlining their own operations.

As return volumes continue to increase, this is a crucial time for merchants to implement efficient and cost-effective solutions that better equip them to manage the growing role returns play in retail, By offering the Happy Returns software free of charge, we are delivering a post-purchase solution for merchants that helps them retain revenue and gives them a competitive edge in today’s market.

– David Sobie, Vice President of Happy Returns by PayPal

Ulta Beauty Return Bars

Although the pandemic brought with it a surge in online activity and returns, a large amount of US consumers are opting to use parcel boxes to return items. To help support this demand, Ulta Beauty are introducing Return Bars in more than 1,300 Ulta Beauty retail locations nationwide, increasing the total number of Return Bar locations overall to more than 5,000. With this expansion, 78% of Americans will live within a 10-mile radius of a Return Bar, making the return process convenient and efficient for consumers.

We are thrilled to welcome Happy Returns to the Ulta Beauty family to deliver our guests greater convenience, Our pilot with the innovative return platform reinforced the value simplified, in-person returns offer consumers and retailers alike. We’re encouraged by the increased store traffic and in-store engagement the partnership drives. This is a winning opportunity for our guests, our brand and Happy Returns.

– Kecia Steelman, Chief Operating Officer, Ulta Beauty
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