Shippo and Shopify bring a new shipping solution to merchants

Shippo have partnered with Shopify to provide an end-to-end shipping solution as well as best-in-class carrier rates to Shopify merchants and busineses directly within the Shopify platform.

As part of this partnership, Shopify will leverage Shippo to make Shopify Shipping available in select European markets, where merchants can now access Shipping directly from the Shopify admin.

Shopify has a well-established reputation of introducing new features and innovations that provide customers the absolutely best possible experience, and shipping is no exception. Third-party apps are clunky and often result in a poor user experience, but natively integrating Shippo’s shipping capabilities directly within the Shopify platform helps ensure their merchants enjoy all the benefits of Shippo while maintaining the seamless experience they have come to expect from Shopify.

– Simon Kreuz, president and co-founder, Shippo.

Shippo for Platforms serves as a way for ecommerce platforms to future proof their strategy by offering a shipping solution for their merchants while providing a unified in-platform experience. With embedded master accounts and bring-your-own-carrier functionality, platforms like Shopify can manage their global merchant infrastructure without compromising merchant experience or benefits. This native solution provides:

  • Global carrier network and rates. Shippo has the largest network of global and regional carriers, as well as highly-competitive, pre-negotiated carrier rates. Platform providers can offer merchants lower rates and international scale without diverting resources to build and maintain those relationships internally.
  • Turnkey end user experience. With code-complete functionality, any platform can easily integrate the full suite of Shippo features using Shippo’s API or Embedded UI. Each instance of Shippo for Platforms can be catered to the needs and development resources of the particular platform, helping to ensure the experience feels authentic to that brand.
  • Easy-to-integrate shipping infrastructure. Platforms can sign up merchants, onboard carriers, purchase labels, and use all of the Shippo API functionality to natively service a merchant – all from a single place.
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