Will eBay introduce Cryptocurrency payments next month?

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A conversation between TheStreet and Jamie Iannone could hint towards eBay introducing Cryptocurrency payments next month.

eBay are looking at the future of ecommerce and right now that future is being built around Gen-Z and millennials who are providing great growth for the marketplace. By the sounds of it Jamie Iannone believes the introduction of cryptocurrency is another step in the right direction for facilitating those key current and upcoming audiences.

Since making their move to manage payments eBay have also been expanding on their partnerships with payment services like Google Pay and Apple Pay. According to Iannone eBay is processing $85 billion in payments volume on the platform which has given them the capabilities to venture further in regards to payment offerings. Cryptocurrency is one new payment method that eBay are looking to bring to the marketplace in the very near future.

If the news about eBay introducing crypto payments is something you’re looking forward to hearing more about, you’ll want to take note of March 10th. Iannone states a deeper look at payments, advertising and focus categories can be expected on that date.

Last year eBay announced that NFTs could be bought and sold on the marketplace after they recognised that non-fungible tokens offer greater access to a broader audience of collectors and creators. Right now, digital currencies seem to be a trending feature and we are seeing no end of companies responding to this. Despite early uncertainty, Cryptocurrencies are making a hard push and digital payment methods are continuing to evolve to support and improve offerings in ecommerce.


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