Alibaba sees demand by US businesses increase

Alibaba sees demand by US businesses increase, the B2B business unit of Alibaba Group and one of the largest global B2B trading platforms, has released the March edition of B2B Pulse. The monthly report shares macroeconomic and platform trading patterns in order to act as a leading indicator for the coming consumer and retail sales trends. Headline news – demand by US businesses has sincreased significantly.

The March Pulse reveals that Sports & Entertainment, Shoes & Accessories, and Luggage, Bags & Cases were among top-growth categories between February and March 2022, with double-digit growth in subcategories.

When looking at month-over-month movements, here are the biggest “movers” between February 2022 and March 2022:

  • 17% month-over-month increase in daily demand for Sports & Entertainment and Shoes & Accessories
  • 16% month-over-month increase in daily demand for Luggage, Bags & Cases

Key B2B demand trends for US Businesses

  • saw an overall uptick in daily demand by US businesses in March, largely driven by March Expo 2022 –’s annual virtual expo aimed at connecting buyers and sellers globally to help them discover new products, services, and suppliers.
  • Daily US demand from the top 5 categories increased by 12%; top categories in March 2022 include:
    • Apparel
    • Home & Garden
    • Sports & Entertainment
    • Beauty & Personal Care
    • Consumer Electronics
  • 5% month-over-month decrease in Gifts & Crafts driven by decreased demand for promotional and business gifts.
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