Amazon buyer-initiated order cancellation update

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Amazon know that you want a better process to manage buyer order cancellation requests without searching for them in the Buyer-Seller messaging tool. It can be easy to miss these requests because they get lost among multiple Buyer-Seller messages, which if left unattended can result in product returns and refunds.

Coming on the 23rd of May, Amazon will simplify the process of managing buyer cancellations for seller-fulfilled orders for both Seller Central and their API.

Buyer-initiated order cancellation update…

…for Seller Central

  • Cancellation requests will appear in a banner on the “Manage orders” page for each buyer-initiated cancellation.
  • Notifications will no longer be sent through Buyer-Seller messaging.
  • If you use Order Reports to process orders, you can enable the “Buyer-Requested Cancel field” to see cancellation requests in your Order Reports. To learn how to add this field, go to Order report changes.

…for APIs

  • You can view buyer cancellation requests through your own systems by using the “List Order Items API.” We will add 2 fields on the API response which developers will be able to import and surface on their systems. To learn how to add this field, go to API Changes (MWS API and Selling Partner (SP) – API).
  • Once you import buyer cancellation requests, you can continue to cancel orders through API feeds on Seller Central or with a file upload.

You will continue to receive email notifications for all buyer-initiated cancellation requests.

You can still use the Buyer-Seller messaging tool to contact customers. If a customer requests a cancellation in the messaging tool, ask them to cancel their order on the “Your orders” page.

Messages about cancellation are considered as a critical message, and will be delivered to a buyer even if they have opted out of non-critical messages.

For more information, go to Upcoming changes to the buyer-initiated order cancellation process.


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