eBay Academy to help US Sellers grow their sales

Since its inception in 2020, eBay’s Seller School has provided free online education for scaling and growing your business as well as connecting with eBay’s community. In 2021, over 19,000 sellers enrolled and completed courses on eBay Seller School. Now, eBay is taking seller education for US sellers to the next level with eBay Academy.

Whether you’re new to eBay or have been selling for years, eBay Academy offers free, interactive courses that can help you grow your eBay business.

These courses broaden and enhance your skills with topics designed by eBay experts with you and your business in mind. Every topic takes just 15 minutes or less, so you can learn at your own pace and apply new tips and tricks to your business right away.

eBay Academy has courses for all sizes of sellers, including how to optimize listings, make the most of selling tools and features, build and grow your brand, and more. 

Join eBay Academy and start applying your knowledge today!

  1. Visit eBay Academy here for US sellers (or on eBay.co.uk for UK sellers).
  2. Log in using your eBay credentials.
  3. Choose a course that fits your experience and your business goals.
  4. Start applying what you learned now!

Find more information about eBay Academy on Seller Center

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