On-demand payouts coming to US eBay Payments

new eBay payments options features and enhancements On-demand payouts

eBay.com will soon be enabling on-demand payouts for sellers who have a weekly, biweekly or monthly payout schedule. You will be able to request on demand payouts of all or part of your Available funds , before your next scheduled payout date.

I’m really liking on-demand payouts, especially bearing in mind that eBay have also announced that soon you’ll be able to hold a balance from your sales and spend the funds on eBay. Known as Spendable funds, this eBay digital wallet will be like the days of PayPal when you could either withdraw funds to your bank or use them for your eBay spending – you’ll be able to select your spendable funds as a payment method at checkout

There’s a strong argument for opting for a monthly payout schedule so that you always have a balance to cover any refunds or other costs you need to cover, having the ability to spend the funds on eBay, but safe in the knowledge that if your sales are good and you’re short of cash in your bank account that you can request on-demand payouts at any point (or several points) during the month.

All you will need to do to get on-demand payouts is click on the Request Payout button next to your available funds in the Payments tab in Seller Hub Select the amount to send to your bank account and click “Send my money now”.

If you want to learn more, details were released in the recent eBay.com Spring Seller Update.

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Looks like a positive development although no mention of using receipts to pay for shipping costs - maybe later? I wonder how much further eBay can go before they need to be regulated as a bank?

Chris C • 26th April 2022 •

We've been able to pay for shipping from pending payments, I always do this.

Randy Miller • 28th April 2022 •

Switched to on demand and so far it is the same as daily payments. You still have to wait till the payment is completed with processing, which isn't till next day.

Randy Miller • 28th April 2022 •