Reverse Interview: Murray Lambell, eBay UK interviews ChannelX

Today is a little different, instead of asking the questions in an interview the tables were turned as, in this reverse interview, Murray Lambell, VP of eBay UK became the interviewer, wanting to find out more about the rebrand of Tamebay to ChannelX and what’s happening in the world of marketplaces and channels.

Top highlights, ChannelX is the new home for your daily fix of channel selling news. If you want to keep up to date with retail channels such as marketplace, social media, messaging and entertainment apps then you are on the right site.

We’re also planning our first big in-person event, ChannelX World which will take place on the 13th of October in London so watch out for registration opening soon.

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Good interview. Good to see the tables turned for once. I wonder who Murray will be interviewing next? Is this a regular Tamebay ChannelX slot? Great scoop!

Lzzy • 12th April 2022 •

I'll wait to see if Murray invites me back or if anyone else decides to put me under the spot light ha ha

Chris Dawson • 13th April 2022 •