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Amazon are showcasing Made in Italy products to celebrate Republic Day with four days of deals over the UK’s Jubilee bank holiday weekend.

The narrow alleys, the open windows from which you can take a peek, the aroma of food, the glamour of clothes, the elegance of design. This is the unmistakable Italian lifestyle, a style that’s renowned all over the world for good taste, originating from the Dolce Vita that still lingers in the streets of Italian cities to this day.

And it’s precisely for this reason that on Italian Republic Day (2nd June, 2022), Amazon will present Made in Italy Days, 4 days of deals on a wide selection of original Made in Italy products to celebrate the best that the Belpaese has to offer, from the 30th May to the 2nd June, 2022 on

You’ll will find deals on hundreds of Made in Italy products, from pasta made with the finest Italian flours to the best coffee makers. Malfy Con Lemon Flavoured Italian Gin is likely to be a popular purchase as is Baci Fine Chocolate Truffles.

All products are made by Italian small and medium-sized enterprises or by internationally renowned Italian brands that have helped to build Italy’s reputation through the decades as the birthplace of a vital and creative lifestyle, focused on the pleasures of good taste and good food and wine.

Fun Italian facts…

  1. Italians invented corrective eyeglasses
  2. Italy is one of Western Europe’s youngest countries, but it has the oldest population in Europe
  3. Pizza was invented in Naples in the 18th century
  4. Billions of espressos are consumed in Italy each year
  5. Italy is the world’s largest wine producer
  6. The world’s first thermometer was designed by Santorio Santorio in Venice
  7. Christopher Columbus was Italian, born in Genoa
  8. Italy has over 1,500 lakes
  9. Bologna, also renowned for its namesakemeat sauce, is home to the first-ever university in the world
  10. The Italian police force uses Lamborghini cars
  11. People of Italian origins living abroad outnumber Italian citizens currently living in Italy
  12. Italy is the only country with over 50 UNESCO World Heritage sites


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