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From the 1st of June, eBay will be changing the way that Promoted Listing Fees will be calculated. This will likely mean that the programme is more expensive for sellers. Hopefully, longer term, this will mean sellers will adjust their bid rates down to compensate as they see their bills increase.

eBay have emailed sellers using the programme to inform them of this change.

What’s changing with Promoted Listing Fees?

Currently Promoted Listing Fees are based on the final price of the item. From June the fees will be calculated based on the total amount of the sale. This will mean Promoted Listing Fees will be aligned with the way eBay calculate final value fees, which is charged on the invoice total including any taxes, shipping, and other applicable fees.

In certain markets, any applicable VAT may be applied to your advertising fees.

Ad Fees estimation

Another change is that the Ad Fees estimation will no longer be available. The new ad rate calculation will include variables, such as buyer location and shipping costs, that are not determined until the sale is complete. This means that, for example, if you have free standard shipping but a buyer upgrades to express shipping for a premium, that your ad fee for that sale will also increase.

You’ll still be able to view your ad fees from the Transactions section of your Payments tab, or in your  sales report. If you’ve been using Promoted Listings regularly, you should have a feel for roughly how much it costs you, just bear in mind that from June it will be slightly more… unless you are a seller who’s products are low cost with relatively high shipping costs in which case your ad fees will rise significantly.

8 Responses

  1. The eBay board are doing an excellent job of making sure the company dies a slow death.

    Our fees have increased from 16% of our sales to 22% in the past year, how much will fees be next year to compensate the shareholders when they lose even more market share?

  2. Another money grab 🙁 how they can take a profit ON TAXES ?!?! It’s just extortion – and should be illegal…

  3. Simple just don’t use Promoted listings. Its a scam. If everyone is promoted then no one is… I consider that paying my shop fees is paying for promotion of my listings. Just stop paying even more and then ebay will get the message. And this site should stop promoting promoted listings too!

  4. Promoted listings bid rates. What a farce. We sell bespoke unique antique items- there is only one (ours) that’s going to be for sale on the site. Yet eBay tell me they calculate 7.5% more will promote the item. How’s that then?

    I remember when our eBay fees were 5%. We are now struggling to keep it below 20% and I know some sellers in popular categories where eBay are gouging nearly 30% WOW

    And for that we can’t even obtain the buyers email address which is CRUCIAL for shipping into Europe. The eBay generated buyers emails do not work- though it’s eBay- and that should come as no surprise to anyone.

  5. I’m quite certain that this move will really show in the 2nd quarter how much more Ebay loses it’s sellers, sales, listings. They have maxxed out every possible way to squeeze money from their users.

  6. ebay, we want you to pay more to display your items. We want you to fill in even more information in your listings. We will make changes to the site to take even longer to list items. All while our competitors make it quicker and easier to list and sell.

    Speak to friends and they don’t use ebay as much now due to not finding what they want. When they do find it turns out to be fake or cheap crap.
    Search for items and you just get crap at the top of a listing, basics of selling is give people what they want.
    Why do ebay have to make everything so difficult?

  7. I really don’t understand why there is not any global platform to compete with ebay other than Amazon. If anyone can replicate ebay with reasonable fees I am sure ebay will be out of business in just 5 years time.


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