eBay’s best-selling trainer brands 

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Thrift and second-hand shopping has become increasingly popular as consumers aim to reduce waste and find a great deal, and that’s perhaps nowhere more true then for trainer brands.

While the cost of living continues to rise, so does the price of non-essential items. The Office for National Statistics has revealed a sharp increase in the cost of shoes. In 2020, consumers spent £9.8 billion on footwear, with women spending around £114 on shoes each year while men spent £82.  

For those looking for a better deal on their favourite brands, second-hand stores like eBay – are ideal for bargain-hunting.  With that in mind, data analysts at Wholesale Clearance UK conducted research to find eBay’s most popular trainer brands of the last year and which of their products you’re likely to get the best deals on. 

  • Nike is in the lead with over 230,000 Nike trainers sold between 2021 and February this year, at an average price of £39.70 each – making over £9million in sales.  
  • Adidas trainers have also shown to be incredibly popular with over 157,000 sold on eBay, making over £6million in sales overall at an average price of £36.69 per pair. 
  • Converse is third, with just over £2million made in sales from over 125,000 pairs of trainers at an average of £18.52 each. 
  • Making up the top five is Asics and Puma. There were nearly 40,000 Asics trainers sold at an average of £49.03, with sellers making a combined £1.8 million in sales, while 25,000 Puma trainers sold for an average of £30.71 – nearly £770,000 in sales overall. 

Overall, trainers have proven to be a popular resale item on eBay, with the top five brands selling over 574,000 pairs in a year for over £22 million.  

But which top brands’ most popular trainers can shoppers find the best deals on when browsing the online marketplace? 

Well, despite being bottom of the leaderboard in terms of popularity, bargain hunters can get the best deal on Puma Suede Classics. Originally sold for £65, the average resell price is £31 – meaning you can save £34 on eBay. 

Converse wasn’t far behind, selling for an average of £31 – £29 cheaper than their original selling price of £60 for a pair of Chuck Taylor’s. 

Nike Air Max’s were among the most popular shoes of the year in 2020, but rather than spending £95 to buy them, second-hand shoppers can get a pair of Air Max IVOs for £73, saving £22 on the sought after shoes. 

In fourth and fifth place were the Adidas Super Samba trainers and the Reebok Classic Leather. The Samba’s – popular among celebrities – are sold for £70, while the average resale price on eBay is £54. Meanwhile, Reebok’s popular shoe sells for £75 and lists for an average of £62 on eBay. Shoppers can save £16 and £13, respectively. 

However, interestingly, the biggest eBay trainer bargains are on Lacoste and New Balance’s most popular trainers. Shoppers can save £49 on a pair of Lacoste Carnaby EVO trainers and £34 on New Balance Arishi trainers. 


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