eBay minimum ad rate doubles for Promoted Listings Standard

eBay minimum ad rate doubles for Promoted Listings Standard

From the 11th of July, the eBay minimum ad rate for Promoted Listings Standard will double from 1% to 2%. This will effectively raise bid rates across the board and increase costs for sellers.

Many eBay sellers will be opting for an eBay minimum ad rate to take full advantage of visibility when they are the only advertiser and accepting that if another seller bids a higher rate then they’ll miss out. It’s potentially the best way to get started with promoted listings as it minimises your spend in bidding wars while getting exposure for the widest range of your inventory when you are the sole bidder. Doubling the ad rate will double the spend for these sellers.

For those sellers who already have higher bid rates, from the 11th of July you may see diminishing returns if you don’t increase your ad rates – when everyone using Promoted Listings Standard increases their rate to 2%, if you were previously winning with 2% bids you could start losing out and the only way to regain your position will be to nudge your bid rate up.

Two things may happen… all sellers may simply opt to increase their bid rates by 1%, or those that were happy bidding the minimum may drop out of the picture. In reality a mixture of the two is likely to happen and this means that as we enter the summer months you’ll need to be monitoring your campaigns, assessing the impact and deciding where to raise rates and when to cut your losses and cease advertising.

If you want to continue advertising you need to prepare to increase your eBay minimum ad rate for Promoted Listings Standard to 2% or more before or by the 11th of July. If you don’t take action and your eBay minimum ad rate is below 2% your listings will remain active but will no longer be promoted.

We’re continuously evaluating the performance and impact of Promoted Listings Standard as a tool to drive seller success. As part of this work, effective July 11, we’ll be changing the minimum ad rate for Promoted Listings Standard from 1% to 2%. While we recognise this impacts your business, this change will ensure your campaigns remain competitive in reaching buyers in our growing marketplace, and also allow us to deliver products and services that drive best-in-class returns for eBay sellers.

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Only ebay could spin a cost increase as an advantage that will help you become competitive Your bubble will burst at some point ebay

R • 15th June 2022 •

What next, minimum 5% if you want to promote a listing? ebay are doing a great job of pushing sellers further away all the time. Shop fees are the highest around whilst offering very little extra benefit when compared to the competition Listing new items is getting more and more tiresome with all the information needed with item specifics. Again competition make things quick and easy. ebay bring a new listing tool out which takes even longer clicking in and out of pop ups Would not mind paying a premium if ebay provided a premium service but always issues, needing to contact ebay to gething issues sorted or things not working like they are meant to.

Rob • 16th June 2022 •

I think you are right, and the next step will be another new minimum percentage, perhaps doubling it to 4%, or going to 5%.

Gav • 16th June 2022 •

So glad I set my own website up a few years ago. Now getting better sales consistently than on ebay, not having to compete with all the private sellers who run a business but avoid all the retail standards ebay keep pushing and going on about. If something goes wrong for a customer you are not punished for it with metrics and defects.

Rob • 16th June 2022 •

This is exactly the direction I'm taking my platform too. Trying to find the best fit to integrate the two to make the transition easier is very tricky though, and costly from those I've explored 😢

Roy • 16th June 2022 •

I started my own website a couple of years ago, put a lot of work into over the last year and sales are now better there than the two ebay stores I currently run. I sell branded homeware products and find a lot of brands don't want their latest range on ebay and some don't want them on Amazon either. I use Shopify and can't fault them, reasonably easy to set up once you get going. Need to set Google Ads and merchant accounts up if you not already as best way to promote your store. Listings so much easier than ebay. I went through the painful process of integration and matching SKUs up or creating SKUs. How many products have you got? I looked around for quite a while to find the right fit of not to expensive but does what I need which currently is stock integration. Currently with SellerChamp

Rob • 16th June 2022 •