eBay Payouts SNAFU from 14th June

eBay Payouts SNAFU from 14th June

There appears to have been a major eBay payouts glitch starting on the 14th of June with sellers quite naturally more than a little concerned as their bank balances remain empty. Many, having used eBay payments for a couple of years and seen eBay payouts regularly hitting their bank accounts almost immediately after the payout notification rely on having their funds available.

eBay have confirmed that there is an issue with a note – On the payment page, the following message is being displayed:

“Payout Delay, June 14 2022”

“There was an issue that affected some payouts for 14th June, 2022. We are currently investigating the issue and will share an update soon. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

The latest update we’ve managed to find is in the image above, where a member of the eBay Community team posted on the discussion boards around 9.30am this morning.

“After reviewing with payments the delay with payouts has been escalated to the technical team. They are currently working on a resolution and once we have an update on this I will post back here.”

We’ve not seen any further updates but there are plenty of responses from irate sellers wondering when they’ll be getting the proceeds from their sales paid into their bank accounts.

The hope is that eBay will resolve the issue pronto and that future eBay payouts will make it to users’ bank accounts. In the meantime, sellers are already complaining about running short of funds and, especially those on weekly payouts, are wondering how they’ll pay for shipping and continue to run their businesses as their cash runs out.

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It's not some accounts that may be having issues. It's ALL accounts that ARE having one issue - that being they've received no payments on Tuesday pr Wednesday. This is a major foul-up involving many thousands of people and millions of pounds.

Bob Hotton • 15th June 2022 • Reply to Bob Hotton

This was always the fear when Ebay took over sellers' payments. How could a site which is plagued by system problems and sever errors manage payments without the same happening? The real problem here is the failure to address legacy issues with error prone systems and servers which no other major platform seems to suffer from, at least not so often. a

andy • 16th June 2022 • Reply to andy

Ebay payouts have NEVER hit bank accounts almost immediately! Ebay payouts are slow and will never match the superb service provided by Paypal.

Hannah • 16th June 2022 • Reply to Hannah

"The technical team have confirmed the issue that delayed the payouts for the 14th & 15th of June has been resolved. The payouts have been processed and sent to your banks. They are expected to be paid between the 17th & 21st of June but can take up to 4 business day to clear." from KAT @ EBAY https://community.ebay.co.uk/t5/Payments/Payout/m-p/7233632#M8577

Pedro • 16th June 2022 • Reply to Pedro

This was always going to happen but I spoke to Dublin and they have admitted their mistake and have agreed to cover any overdraft or unpaid item fees. Except they haven't. Couple of £million kept in their accounts for 2 days is good times for them. Simple.

Noel • 17th June 2022 • Reply to Noel