Etsy Design Awards 2022 finalists announced

The Etsy Design Awards 2022 finalists have been announced! Thousands of Etsy sellers had their items considered and now there are just 100 finalists left, all in the running to win an award! Congratulations to everyone in the final selection!

The Etsy Design Awards is Etsy’s global awards programme. Honouring the work of sellers from around the world and across multiple categories, The awards celebrate Etsy’s global community of creative entrepreneurs and shines a spotlight on their unique talents. From 100 finalists, one seller will be crowned the Grand Prize Winner, while 10 others will be named Etsy Design Awards Winners in each featured category. In addition to these awards, the People’s Pick Etsy Design Award will be given to the top-voted finalist. The winner of the People’s Pick Etsy Design Award will be determined by a community vote.

The 100 finalists will receive a $250 USD Etsy Gift Card a finalist shop badge, $50 USD in Etsy Ads credits, 50 free listing credits, promotion on Etsy’s marketing channels, including social media, blog, email, and an Editors’ Picks page as well as their item featured in an upcoming 2022 Etsy Market Lookbook.

The winners for the £20,000 Grand Prize as well as the category Award Winners will be picked by Etsy’s Dayna Isom Johnson and designers from The Expert, including Jake Arnold, Jenna Lyons, and Brigette Romanek.

The winner of the People’s Pick Etsy Design Award will be determined by a community vote, which is now open until the 21st of June 2022, shoppers and sellers can vote for a finalist using Etsy’s favouriting tool. The winner of this award will bag a prize of $5,000 USD.

You can find out more about the finalists and the awards here.

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Comments oh heyyyy, I’m an Etsy design award finalist!! Could you please favourite this item on Etsy for me (to vote for me in the Etsy design awards) 😬😬😬 thanks so much! Tim (WeAreLunarium)

Tim Stevenson • 19th June 2022 •