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This Wednesday, the 15th of June, is that day that Amazon sellers will start to see their listings blocked on Amazon Germany if they haven’t registered their LUCID number for the Extended Producer Responsibility Packaging category.

If you send packaged goods to Germany or sell goods on in any form of packaging (product or shipping package) then you need to register by the 1st of July. However, to ensure that they meet the legal requirements Amazon’s effective date is the 15th of June.

If you’re already registered for EPR Packaging in Germany, you need to submit your LUCID registration number on Seller Central right away to prevent your listings from being blocked.

If you’re not registered for EPR Packaging in Germany and want to continue selling on Amazon Germany then you need to register as soon as possible. It may take up to four weeks to register in addition to five working days for Amazon to validate your LUCID number so you’re already behind the curve and may miss out on sales until your number is submitted and validated.

If you haven’t got a clue what this is all about, the simplified version is that Extended Producer Responsibility is a new tax currently live in France and going live in Germany in July. While it’s not billed as a tax by governments that’s the only realistic way to view it – if you send certain materials into their country they will apply the levy which is supposed to go towards mitigating the environmental damage you are doing. It’s hard to avoid as even for the greenest of green products, you still have to ship them in something and the packaging category means you’re on the hook and have to register and pay the tax.

If you need help, the EPR Amazon Seller Central Partner Network is a group of service providers vetted by Amazon that can help you prepare your EPR registration applications, and obtain the LUCID registration numbers and the EEE registration numbers you need to prove your compliance to Amazon. To contact one of the vetted service providers, go to Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Service Provider Network.

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  1. Every year there’s a new layer of bureaucracy to navigate. I’m sure the big businesses will comply, along with anyone who has reasonable sales in Germany, but many small sellers simply will not send to Germany, and it will be the German’s loss. Surely the German’s have recycle bins, and pay the equivalent of council tax? Just another excuse to justify jobs and rob sellers of profit.


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