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It’s relatively easy to list on one marketplace compared to listing on dozens or even hundreds, and that’s before you consider other channels such as price comparison website and affiliate networks. As you expand your business in the UK and overseas, you’re going to need help and that has to include automation.

Today we asked Rebecca Twohey, Marketing Manager UK at Channable to tell us more about how their fully integrated solution can help retailers grow sales and at the same time manage the channels they wish to market their products on:

Who are Channable? 

Channable is a fully integrated way to market your products online. We empower online businesses to reach their customers and increase online sales by managing and optimising product data – in one platform.

Today, Channable is widely recognised as one of the fastest growing ecommerce technology companies. In 2022, the company expanded to 200+ employees with over 6,000 customers globally including Samsung, Deloitte, Decathlon, Vodafone, TUI,  and pushing more than 55 billion items per day across global channels including price comparison sites, marketplaces, search engines and social networks. 

What does Channable do?

For retailers looking to easily adapt feeds for each sales platform and also remove manually updating product offerings and stock information across various marketplaces, with Channable you can solve this problem.  How? 

By taking advantage of the many direct API connections to automatically update your product listings – To further support you and your business, we have recently made these API connections part of our standard plan

Channable are able to retrieve orders in real-time meaning you can automatically send all your orders directly to your online shop. In addition,  you can manage all your orders from place and easily adapt to listing requirements per marketplace with the powerful “if” and “then” rules, making it easy for you to quickly adjust your product information! 

Which channels do you support?

Channable offers more than 2500 price comparison websites, affiliate networks and marketplaces to choose from including Amazon, eBay, Spartoo & Wish and most recently, Zalando! You can see an overview of all of the possible UK & International integrations by visiting Channable integrations.

What is new? 

Yes, great news! You can now manage your product catalogues, price products, and sync stock levels with Zalando with Channable! As one of the biggest fashion marketplaces in Europe, selling your products on this leading marketplace can help you reach your customers where they are. We’ve gathered the facts for you:

  • Biggest fashion marketplace in Europe
  •  14.3 billion GMV
  •  5 billion website visits
  •  Active in 23 countries
  •  85% mobile traffic
  •  More than 4,500 (local) brands

Looking to start selling on Zalando? You can discover more about selling your products on Europe’s leading marketplace.

What’s the importance of automation?

Automation is indispensable for your business, as with everything automated you save time, money and improve ROI. Simply put, automation translates into more sales and new customers from insights that are actionable, accurate and relevant so that you, in turn, have more time to focus your time on other areas to grow your business. 

What type of retailers can benefit most from Channable? 

Channable is built to empower online retailers and agencies of any size to reach customers across all channels and markets with easy-to-use and highly functional technology.  For those looking to be empowered and optimize its feeds across various channels with success, Channable offers a unique combination of data feed management and easy-to-use platform that is intuitive to help you grow.

In addition, Channable offers free unlimited support in six dedicated languages and the price and offerings are very flexible (no matter what the size of the eCommerce customer) with no hidden fees or commitments. We are very transparent with our clients and make sure we help them grow to make their business successful! 

How do I get started?

If you’re interested in Channable, you should create your own free account with an unlimited trial, or request a demo with the team. More information can be found on our website:


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