US eBay Vault fees for sellers & buyers

US eBay Vault fees for sellers & buyers

The US eBay Vault is a place to store valuable collectibles purchased on eBay enabling instant resale in the future with no need to ship items. It’s tied to eBay Authentication services to give added reassurance that your valuables are safe, secure and authentic. Nothing enters the Vault until it’s authenticated as genuine.

Big advantages are that you don’t have to store some of your most valuable inventory and there are no selling fees for moving stock on… although there are fees for buyers. Currently the US eBay Vault is open for trading cards valued above $750 and storage fees for a whole year have been waived for 2022. There’s no indication of what storage fees will be when they become chargeable.

When an item is removed from the eBay vault by its current owner, there’s withdrawal fee and insured shipping fee charges to consider. Withdrawal fees levied at 3% of the latest sale value are waived through Autumn 2022.

When an item in the eBay vault is sold, eBay charge the buyer an instant transfer fee. This fee is calculated as 3% of the last purchase price of the item. The eBay vault instant transfer fee will be waived until 2023.

eBay waives all selling fees for items stored in the Vault, which means once your item is in, you won’t incur any selling fees including final value fees. If you’re shipping an item to the eBay vault, you’ll also pay reduced final value fees.

When an item is withdrawn from the Vault, insured shipping costs are calculated based on the shipping address.

Digging through all of these fees, if you buy a card stored in the Vault and have it physically sent to you then you’ll basically be paying 6% in fees – 3% for transfer on purchase and a 3% withdrawal fee plus (from Autumn) insured shipping costs. If you leave your purchase in the vault it’s just the 3% transfer fee although eventually you’ll also have to pay storage fees.

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