Amazon Private Brands on Prime Day

Amazon Private Brands on Prime Day

Prime Day, running on the 12th and 13th of July this year is a fantastic opportunity for small businesses to get their products in front of buyers keen to spend, but it’s also a chance for Amazon Private Brands to be pushed to the forefront with sign posts guiding shoppers to discover that Amazon has to offer.

Just as there’s a new Small Business logo and a ‘From Small Businesses‘ tag to guide shoppers, there’s also an ‘Amazon Brands‘ logo on the Prime Day landing page to guide shoppers to Amazon Private Brands products.

The sheer range of Amazon Private Brands is staggering when you start digging beneath the surface. There are discounts on everything from homeware and kitchen equipment to tech, pet and fitness products and they are all Amazon Private Brands.

Examples of the deals on offer include:

This is just a sample of the Amazon Private Brands on offer this Prime Day, you’ll find thousands more deals on offer, and remember, this is just the products that are on included in the Prime Day deals- there are tens of thousand of products in the Amazon family of brands and it’s growing at an exponential rate.

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