WMS Connect – Shopify to Peoplevox solution

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If you are struggling to connect your Shopify store with your Peoplevox Warehouse Management System (WMS), then you’ll be pleased to know that there is a new (and currently the only) Shopify App that can do this instantly for you called WMS Connect.

Merchants integrating Shopify to Peoplevox have typically had to find an integration partner, book resources and run a project to connect the two systems. Apart from the costs, these projects introduce time delays, complexity and risk to bringing these two systems together.

Now, WMS Connect, an official Shopify App has been developed by fusefabric enables you to integrate Peoplevox with your Shopify store in one click. It’s a no-code set up, instead using dropdown menus, toggles and on-off buttons. The process is pretty fast and easy, and there’s no installation fee.

After implementing many Shopify integrations, we realised that merchants wanted a faster and less expensive option for integrating their Shopify store with their warehouse management system and that’s exactly why we developed WMS Connect for this need

– Simon Hamblin, co-founder, fusefabric

The integrations available between the merchant’s Shopify store and Peoplevox WMS include syncing of new and updated products, allowing merchants to see the details of the SKU they are picking or despatching within the Peoplevox WMS. 

Orders are synced real time between Shopify and Peoplevox, merchants can define carrier allocation rules along with rules for automatically removing gift cards and other SKUs they might not want to send to the WMS. As returns are processed in Peoplevox, the appropriate refund is triggered in Shopify.

When an order is despatched in Peoplevox, the despatch details along with tracking information is updated in the merchant’s Shopify store. The merchant can control key business rules such as whether they allow for multi shipments or not and if there are SKUs that need to be automatically fulfilled e.g. gift receipts. In addition, WMS Connect can handle both of Shopify Payment’s methodologies: capture payment at checkout and capture payment on fulfilment – ensuring the right payment is captured at the right time.

Inventory/Stock positions are kept up to date in Shopify as inventory are added, restocked, and picked in the Peoplevox WMS. The consistent data-syncing allows merchants to sell products immediately as they add them into stock and cut out overselling and underselling.


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