Casting call for eBay Christmas advert

Calling all aspiring actors! eBay are looking for extras to perform in their upcoming Christmas advert which will be shooting in London on the 7th and 8th of September.

For the advert, eBay are looking to fill three lead roles: A millennial Black/African woman, between the ages of 25 and 30, A design dad of any ethnicity, aged between 35-45 and a gothic mum also of any ethnicity aged between 28-45.

“This campaign aims to inspire our audience of families and under 35s to revitalize their interior decor for the festive season. In all of these scenes, talent will be extras only. No faces will be shown, just limbs, the back of someone, hands, feet, etc., or a whole body in a blur. Talent will be asked to take items out of boxes, move objects around a set, walk into frame, and walk out of frame. Note: You might be required to provide your own wardrobe for the shoot.”

– Production description, Backstage

According to the casting call from Byte/Dept, successful applicants will be fed and paid £250 in total for an estimated 8 hours of work. If you’re interested in applying for any of the roles you can do so here.

This casting call tells us that Christmas is edging closer, it wont be long before the festivity hungry consumers start coming out to play. It is never too soon to be thinking about the logistics of the festive season and this year in particular calls for extensive forward planning by merchants. Learn more from Enda Breslin, EMEA GM at ShipBob, as she discusses what you should be considering and how to go about preparing supply chains for Christmas.

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black "African" woman cant they find a black British woman

r • 24th August 2022 •

I just want to know what's on the menu :D

Chris Dawson • 24th August 2022 •

eBay's a mess right now. They recently had a glitch that prevented indexing on international sites, then that followed by a frozen view counter, and now in the coin and art categories they have added 20% VAT to prices + shipping on sellers who shouldn't have any VAT added (eBay have acknowledge the glitch but have yet to put it right), and for EU sellers to the UK, in categories where there's always been the correct 5% (e.g. certain art), they randomly apply 5 or 20% on a whim even when it's the same item in the same category with the same item specifics. There's many more bugs and problems of course - too many updates being rolled out in a short space of time without adequate testing.... Not good in the run up to Christmas. As to the advert, £31.25 an hour for an acting role for an advert doesn't sound particularly generous.

Gareth • 25th August 2022 •

It's also positive discrimination for the roles. Apart from the 'African descendant', the role of the Dad and Gothic Mum both ask for : "Ethnicity: Asian, Ethnically Ambiguous / Multiracial, Indigenous Peoples, Middle Eastern, South Asian / Indian, Southeast Asian / Pacific Islander"

Gareth • 25th August 2022 •