eBay extends seller protections to those impacted by Southeastern US floods

eBay have announced an extension to seller protections for US sellers who have been impacted by the Southeastern floods.

We are so sorry for those who are facing severe weather and storms due to flooding in the Southeastern US. As a seller, you may be concerned about shipping delays for items already shipped or difficulties getting sold items to your carrier. We are closely monitoring the situation and providing you with additional support and protections during this challenging time. Please stay safe and take care of yourself, your family, and your community.

– eBay

If you’re located in the impacted areas and are not able to ship your inventory, if you are able to, eBay recommend you:  

  • Communicate with your buyers to advise them of the situation 
  • Extend your handling time on your listings if you expect delays 

If your business is impacted, eBay will automatically protect your seller performance, including: 

  • Your late shipment rate 
  • Your valid tracking upload rate 
  • “Item not received” cases due to late delivery as long as you uploaded tracking before the case was opened, and have a physical scan from the carrier 
  • Defects resulting from transactions you cancelled  

Any associated negative and neutral feedback will be removed and these cases will not impact your service metrics rating.   

Please note: You may see late shipments due to this weather event on your seller dashboard, but they will be removed before your next seller performance evaluation. You do not need to contact Customer Service at this time.

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