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If you sell on marketplaces such as Amazon and Walmart, you might be interested in Flywheel 2.0, just launched by Teikametrics, especially if your marketplace turnover is below $10k (roughly £8k), as it’s then free to use. Designed to take the pain out of keyword optimisation for sponsored ads, it can free your time up to concentrate on managing your business rather than running it.

  • Worst case: You decide you don’t like Flywheel 2.0 and turn it off – no harm done.
  • Best case: Your business takes off and your turnover rockets above the $10k level and you have to start paying for your keyword optimisation in which case you’ll probably be happy to do so.

Flywheel 2.0 is an AI targeting algorithm that automatically harvests top-performing keywords across a the marketplaces you trade on and then applies them everywhere your products appear. The keyword optimisation solution dramatically increases the volume of performing keyword targets, which is especially important when launching a new marketplace, and continues to optimise performance across your marketplaces dynamically.

It only takes seconds create your Flywheel 2.0 account and link your Amazon & Walmart marketplaces. Then set goals by adding your cost of goods, budget, and ACOS targets by product, then let Flywheel 2.0 automation completely automate your key advertising tasks to maximise every dollar spent on Amazon & Walmart. Flywheel 2.0’s self-learning models will leverage your product margins, conversion rates, sales performance, and price changes to formulate bids aligned with your growth goals.

Supported ad formats include Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display for automated keyword optimisation.

Sellers are looking to diversify across multiple marketplaces, but optimizing advertising on more than one marketplace at the same time adds complexity. Our new AI-powered algorithm in Flywheel 2.0 solves for this by dynamically using the sellers’ best-performing keywords across multiple marketplaces. As a result, we’re giving multi-channel sellers a big competitive advantage, especially for those launching on new channels like Walmart.

– Alasdair McLean-Foreman, CEO and founder, Teikametrics


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