Love Island Final auction now on eBay

Love Island Final auction now on eBay

Tonight some of the nation will be glued to their telly boxes at 9pm as the Love Island Final episode airs and we discover who fans have voted as their favourite paring. It’s an extended show, and will run for an hour and a half.

The winning pairing will receive two envelopes, each get to open one and one will get £50k while the other gets £0. It’s expected that declarations of true love will follow and the winner will split the cash with their partner – it’s tough to have conned the country you’re in love and then ditch your supposed soulmate and run off with the cash. In the reality TV world, gifting £25k is good business sense as the prize cash will be dwarfed by endorsement deals.. which are considerably less likely if you are a rat than if you are still viewed as a lover.

eBay have been sponsoring the show to promote a greener lifestyle with preloved fashion and while the Love Island final airs you might want to check out some of the outfits in the Love Island final auction of the season.

You can bid on Tasha’s Gorgeous Couture Black Maxi Dress with Silver Detail, Dami’s Aries Red Fire Print Shirt, Ekin’s Su Pink Marble Halter Neck Dress, and Jacques’ The Couture Club Pink Satin Bomber Jacket, just four of the 59 items up for grabs. Bidding is already underway on the auctions in aid of Oxfam and hosted by eBay seller Reskinned.

eBay’s tie up with the show and the worn on Love Island auction is all about bringing a new generation of shoppers to eBay and encouraging them to shop in a sustainable manner by buying pre-loved clothing from the thousands of fashion sellers on the marketplace. It’s appealing to those concerned about the environment and also a much better fit for the Love Island audience than a partnership with a fast fashion brand – a market sector increasingly coming under fire as to how sustainable the industry is.

If you want to grab a bit of preloved fashion, sold by eBay sellers, worn on Love Island and now being sold again, you can bid here. The auctions finish at 8pm on the 5th of August.

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